How To Download And Install WhatsApp For Android Devices

What Is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp, now it has become the need of time, It is a messenger application. It sounds something like “what’s up”, Brian Acton and Jan Koum are its founders. Of course, it was an amazing idea, It was launched in February 2009, But later, Facebook acquired it. It is used for messaging and chatting, Voice calls and video calls are its valuable features.

Moreover, it facilitates to users to send files, documents, photos, and videos. It can also be used for voice over services. WhatsApp gives you permission to sending locations to your desired contacts.

WhatsApp is available for all android devices, Its users are more than 1 billion, And it is available in more than 180 countries.

You can only send messages to mobile numbers which are registered on WhatsApp. It is very helpful for communication. You can connect with your family members, friends and other colleagues in other countries and remote areas. You can also make groups share you information at a time to many people.

WhatsApp is launching a new feature for its users day by day. All features are free for users. It is very secure. You

can use it without any worry. You can also backup your data. It requires Wi-Fi or Mobile Data to run. It provides full security to keep your messages, photos videos and files safe.

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How to download and install WhatsApp on an Android device?

It is simple and not hard to download and install. I will tell you some easy steps to install :

Step 1 : Download WhatsApp for your android device, You can install in two ways :

  • You can download it from Google Play Store, Open Google Play store, then search for WhatsApp. You will see an option named as WhatsApp Messenger. Open it, then tap on install option, It will ask you to accept its terms and conditions. Touch on accept button, then downloading will start. It may take few minutes to download and then it automatically installs on your android device.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: Free
  • Or you can download it directly from button below

Step 2 : After installation, you will see an WhatsApp icon on your android device, then open it. It will give you instructions to read and accepts its terms and conditions. Tap on agreeing and continue option, then it will ask you about your country and mobile number.

Then put your details and select an ok option. After completion of verification of mobile number, you can go for further details, like, your name. profile photo and status etc. Then, it will be available to use and enjoy.

Congratulations, Installation completed, you can enjoy using WhatsApp.

Some Faq About WhatsApp For Android Devices :

So everyone,Here is some popular questions and answers about WhatsApp, We have added it here to make this guide easier :

Q1) How I verify my number?

A1) Enter your phone number and country name, then put your received code.

Q2) I want to know whats it is WhatsApp business?

A2) It is free and for small business. You can connect with customers. You can also make a business profile.

Q3) What type of business names cannot be used?

A3) It must not be with extra emoji’s, grammar mistakes and symbols etc.

Q4) How to get back my chat?

A4) You should go to settings, then click chat and open back up.

Q5) How to add contacts in the app?

A5) First, save contact number in your phone book. Then, it will appear in WhatsApp contacts.

Q6) How to view other’s status update?

A6) You tap on status tab and see reply option at the bottom, you can reply to status updates.

Q7) Can I freeze my last seen on WhatsApp?

A7) No, You Can’t, This feature only available in WhatsApp Plus.

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