WhatsApp FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

When using WhatsApp there is multi-purpose use from people, who use the application specific to their particular needs. There are various features in WhatsApp utilized accordingly. This is why several people have several doubts and inquiries about the usage, security and other factors associated with WhatsApp. To provide them with a reliable answer to their use requirements, we have compiled a comprehensive list of WhatsApp Frequently Asked Questions which will help you enhance your usage of WhatsApp, as detailed below.

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Q) How do I download and install WhatsApp on my device?

Ans. Depending on your device and the related OS, you can find the WhatsApp APK (for mobile devices) on the related Store, like Google Play Store on Android. The app can be installed then like any other app. The app also provides an application to be used and chat through for Windows desktop versions, which can be easily downloaded and installed.

Q) WhatsApp How do I update WhatsApp?

Ans. WhatsApp can be updated by downloading and installing the latest version through the related device’s app store. The application, when you run, also updates about the updated version when using the application and when available.

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Q) Do I need a contact number to verify and run my WhatsApp account?

Ans. Yes, WhatsApp is a messenger app that works through platform connecting the app on phone numbers. When you are setting up the account after installation, you need to verify your account number (through a verification code sent through a text message on the number) to create your account. Remember, you can use your number to register with a single WhatsApp account at once.

Q) Is WhatsApp free to use?

A) Lately, the company has decided to extend the subscription for free in developing countries, meaning you can use WhatsApp for free now.

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Q) What do different ticks mean?

A) A single tick means the message has been sent, double tick means the message has been received and double blue tick means the message has been read.

Q) How can I disable double tick for my received chat?

A) You just have to go to settings in your WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy and then uncheck against the ‘Read Receipt’.

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Q) How do I use the same WhatsApp account when changing phone?

A) You just have to uninstall your WhatsApp account from the older phone and verify the SIM card and the number when registering on your new phone. The status, display picture, and contacts will now be transferred to the new device.

Q) How do I keep the chat history when moving WhatsApp account to a new phone?

A) If you backed up your chat history on SD card and using that SD card with the new device, you can access the chats through that. Else, you can create a backup of your chats to your Google account on your old phone and when registering in the new phone, proceed through with the ‘Restore’ option when prompted.

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Q) How to disable last seen?

A) You need to move to > Settings > Account > Privacy and select ‘Nobody’ for ‘Last Seen’ option.

Q) Can I send my chat text messages and other data through e-mail?

A) Yes, you can ‘Export Chat’ through e-mail going to the settings within any chat you want to send with or without any media file.

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Q) What are WhatsApp groups?

A) WhatsApp groups are a platform where you can add up to 100 people to chat in a single window. There can be one and more than one Admin who have the control to add and delete a contact.

Q) What if I do not want to become part of a WhatsApp group?

A) You can leave the group by going to the settings > More > Exit group.

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Q) How can I deactivate my WhatsApp account if my device has been stolen?

A) You can do that by re-issuing your SIM card and creating a WhatsApp account on a new device verifying with the new SIM card. Your WhatsApp account on the old device will be automatically deactivated.

Q) Will the other person see my contact number on WhatsApp?

A) As WhatsApp uses contact number for registration, so the other person, if contacted through WhatsApp, will be able to see your contact number and save your details.

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Q) If I take a screenshot of a conversation, will the other person be able to see that?

A) Yes, you can easily take a screenshot of the chat without the other person noticing it.

Q) How can I limit the visibility of my profile?

A) You can choose to enable viewing of your WhatsApp profile to your contacts only or even nobody by going to >Settings > Account > Privacy and then pick the preferred option in ‘Profile photo’.

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Q) How can I hide WhatsApp images and videos in device gallery?

A) Go to the ‘File Explorer’ in your device, then > WhatsApp images folded > create a file media and then restart your device.

Q) Who can view my WhatsApp status?

A) Any person who has saved you as WhatsApp contact are able to view your status you update. However, it is their wish to check your status or not from the notification option.

Q) Can I run more than one WhatsApp account on my device?

A) It depends on what device you are using. Manufacturers like Xiaomi, OnePlus have added dual app features in their smartphones where you can run two WhatsApp accounts.