How To Watch YouTube Videos Without Internet

What is YouTube?

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform, available across desktop and mobile devices. The leading online video streaming service provides users access to a wide genre of videos, from movies, songs, documentaries, tutorials, how-to videos, news, short videos, funny videos, to any type of other videos you can imagine.

You can not only watch videos of your interests on YouTube but can also become a creator uploading your own curated videos on the network.

YouTube Video Streaming

When you want to watch YouTube videos, you need two things, access to YouTube and an active mobile data connection or Wi-Fi availability. On desktop you can go to the URL: and watch the channel or video you are interested in. And on your Smart Phone or Tablet, you can download and install the YouTube app from the related play store (depending on your OS) to access YouTube on the go. In today’s times, Android has become the most utilized platform for YouTube video viewing.

How to Watch YouTube Videos without Internet Connection on Android?

There may be times when you stumble upon an interesting video on YouTube on your Android device but can’t watch them because of lack of time or because the signal is weak, or if it consumes too much data to watch on mobile data and you want to save it for later viewing.

In such a situation, you can look for other ways to download your videos and watch later when offline. We will explain two different ways to do that:

  1. Download Videos for Offline Viewing

To conveniently enjoy this feature while saving your mobile data it is recommended to download videos to watch later through Wi-Fi connection.

  • Open the YouTube app
  • Search and open to the video you want to download
  • Now, below the video, you will see different icons, including thumb up, thumb down and download icon represented by a downward arrow
  • Tap on the download option. It will ask for the video quality. Select from the preferred option or you may select a default option for future download also.
  • Press Ok
  • Now the download process will start. After the video gets downloaded, the icon will change into a dark blue colored right mark.
  • Now to watch the video, when you open the YouTube app, go the ‘Library’ section which you will find in the right bottom corner. Then, go to the ‘Downloads’ option where you will find the complete list of your downloaded videos.

This option is currently available in selected countries only. So check with your app if this capability is available or not.

  1. Download and Install YouTube Go

YouTube Go is a free app created by Google LLC that is specifically developed for slow internet connections and for areas that receive older 2G and 3G networks.

This app provides a suggestion for all the trending YouTube videos, and the interface is similar to the official YouTube app. You can download and install YouTube Go through Google Play Store like any other application.

  • With the preview video feature, you can check what the video is all about before deciding whether you want to download that or not, thus saving you time and data.
  • You can watch videos in multiple resolutions, specific to meet the data capability that helps you enjoy uninterrupted viewing without compromising on data consumption.
  • Another amazing feature of YouTube Go is that you can share videos with your friends offline that doesn’t consume any data at all. This is one of the best features of YouTube Go that helps you share and save video titles in the offline mode to watch them later.

With an hour of videos being uploaded on the YouTube in minutes, there is no dearth of interesting videos to watch on this video sharing platform. Following the above-stated tips, you can easily save videos to view later when you are offline.