VKontakte FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

VKontakte is a Russian social media platform that enables people to share and post stories. It is only for Russians but an English version has also been developed. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, it is one of the best apps many people can install to enjoy interacting with people. So far, over 500 million accounts have been created and plenty of people have reviewed it as a nice app that it can get the job done when it comes to communication.

Q) Is It Possible to Send Messages?

A) Yes, you can send messages any time you want as long as the recipient is also on VKontakte.

Q) Can My Message Contain Media Files?

A) Yes, you can include attachments, audio files, and video files. This means you can do both casual and formal communication.

Q) Can I Post News?

A) Yes, you can. Just mention the news and a hashtag will be created for people to know the trending content on your wall.

Q) Can I Create a Page?

A) Yes, you can create a page in which people of same intentions can be members and you can start chatting and sharing information.

Q) Is It Possible to Create a Group on VKontakte?

A) Yes, it is very possible. It is one of the communities you can create on VKontakte so just follow the required steps and you will have a group created.

Q) What Happens if I Press Like on a post?

A) Unlike on Facebook, Likes have different functions. If you like something, it will be saved on your favorites. You need to share it for it to appear on your wall.

Q) Are there Privacy Features on the Site?

A) Yes, there are plenty of privacy features that you can always have. You can control your content on your network and on the internet in general.

Q) Does it Synchronize Data?

A) If you publish news on VKontakte, it will also appear on Facebook and Twitter as long as you have those accounts.

Q) Can I Download Videos from Site?

A) Yes, videos uploaded by users can be downloaded for people to see without internet connection.

Q) Can My VKontakte Be Hacked?

A) Yes, it can be hacked especially if you use a light password that is easy to master and remember. Always make sure to keep strong passwords and details.

Q) Can I Change My password?

A) Yes, you can easily change your passwords by going to settings section and selecting change password.

Q) Is This Platform Nice for Business Marketing?

A) If you want to advertise in a Russian Market, this is the best platform you can market your business. Most people are in Russian speaking countries.

Q) Can Change My Profile Picture?

A) Yes, you can change your profile picture any time and even add some customizations if you want.

Q) How Long Does Content Stay on VKontakte Before it gets deleted?

A) Content on VKontakte does not get deleted. It is on your gallery and you can check it any time you want. This is the best thing because you can keep your photos for as long as you want.

Q) Can I Comment on VKontakte?

A) Yes, you can comment as long as you have friends who have posted content. Even your friends can comment on your posts.

Q) Is It possible to Delete a Post?

A) Yes, you can delete a post that you see it is not up to your standards. This post has to come from you otherwise you can report posts or content that may violate your name.

Q) I don’t Know the Russian Language?

A) There is still an English version of it so you can always create an account. The English version does not have many users which is why VKontakte is not common.

Q) Can I Upload Any Kind of Video?

A) No. You need to have full copyrights of the video you want to post. You may be fined for such activities so make sure you post videos that are only from you.

Q) Can I Create a Group and a Personal Account?

A) Yes, you can have a personal account and some of the communities of VKontakte. It is nice for business marketing purposes because you can always get a large audience to market your brand.

Q) How Do Search and Add People?

A) You can search and people using their numbers, email or usernames. It is very simple and easy that way than to wait for people to find you and add you as a friend.