Viber FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Viber is an instant-messaging and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app that provides free messaging and calling features on different OS platforms, The app allows media sharing capability like sending images to your friend.

Enhance your experience of using Viber by getting in-depth information about the app features and usability, along with some tips and more with commonly asked questions and answers as detailed below.

Q) Who created Viber?

A) The app was developed by a Japanese multinational company named Rakuten.

Q) Is the app free to use?

A) Yes, the app is free to use, apart from some functions like calling from the app to a number.

Q) How do I download and install Viber?

A) You can search for the app in the related app store on your mobile OS, or find the installation file for the desktop version from the official portal of Viber. Installing it easy like any other application or software.

Q) How do I register on Viber?

A) You will need a phone number to register on and start using the Viber application.

Q) How Viber works?

A) To start using Viber to make calls or send text and images for free you will need to have an active 3G or 4G connection or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Q) Is making calls free on Viber?

A) Making audio and video calls are free on Viber when you are calling another Viber user anywhere in the world.

Q) Can I call someone who is not using Viber?

A) Yes, Viber provides a ‘Viber Out’ feature that enables you to call a non-Viber number through your application.

Q) Is ‘Viber Out’ allows free calling?

A) No, you can call any mobile or landline number using Viber Out paying charges, which is very low and competitive in comparison to other apps like Skype.

Q) Will using Viber consume my data excessively?

A) No, when you make a call through Viber the bandwidth rate is around 240 KB per minute or 14 MB per hour up and down, which is easily manageable in present times with the kind of data usage we get.

Q) Does Viber also allow the option to send money?

A) Yes, the Viber Wallet provides you the convenience to send and receive money and is powered by Western Union so you can rest assured of a safe and secure process.

Q) Can I share my screen with another Viber user?

A) Yes, you can share your screen on Viber for desktop with any other user during a chat clicking on the Share screen button.

Q) What are Secret chats in Viber?

A) Secret chat is a feature in Viber that provides enhanced security for your conversation than a normal chat with controls and options like message disappearance and more. You can start using this feature by tapping on New secret chat.

Q) Can I send a message to multiple Viber contacts at once?

A) Yes, you can broadcast a message up to 50 people at once creating a broadcast list. This feature is available only on Android and iPhone platform.

Q) What are Hidden chats?

A) These are chats that you wish to hide in a separate section in Viber which can be accessed through a password (PIN). And unlike Secret chats, these chats do not disappear unless you want to delete them.

Q) Can I create a group chat in Viber?

A) Yes, you can easily create a Group chat in Viber adding people from the Viber contacts.

Q) What is Likes and Seen status in Group conversations?

A) You can like what a person has written in the conversation by tapping on the side of the comment on a heart icon. You can also check who has seen and liked what you had written in the group.

Q) What are public accounts?

A) Public accounts are created by brands, groups, and communities promoting their enterprise or work. You can start following them by tapping on the Discover button.

Q) Can I change my phone number on Viber?

A) Yes, you can change your contact number on Viber without losing any data. This feature is available for mobile phones only.

Q) How can I backup my messages on Viber?

A) Go to your device’s settings > account > Viber backup > backup. Remember that this option only creates back up of text messages. You need to save images and videos to your device’s gallery to keep them.

Q) How can I move my Viber history from one phone to another?

A) When you change your phone, you can move your Viber data from the old device to the new following these steps :

Backup your data on the old device

Install and activate Viber on the new device

Restore data when registering and setting-up Viber account on new device.

Q) Can I block someone on Viber?

A) Yes, you can block any person to stop calling and sending you messages through settings.

Q) Why Viber keeps running in the background?

A) The app keeps running in the background so that incoming calls and messages can reach you.

With these questions answered, it is time to enjoy the amazing calling and more features with Viber and connect to your loved ones for or formal networks easily.