Twitter FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

So far, Twitter remains one of the most common platforms that people can always use to share information and communicate with people. Most prominent leaders and celebrities use twitter so you will have a chance to know premium information from the premium type of people. Twitter is not like Facebook and other types of social media platforms because it is hard to use and you need to be experienced for you to perfectly use it. You create an account using your email and your phone number and once you have an account, it will be easy for you to start tweeting.

Q) What is a Tweet?

A) The tweet is any message or post that is posted on twitter account.

Q) What is a Retweet?

A) The retweet is a post that you forward to your twitter wall. It is just like sharing of Facebook.

Q) Can I Edit a Tweet After Posting It?

A) No, you cannot edit a posted tweet. You can only edit it when it is still in the making.

Q) Can I Enable Night Mode on Twitter?

A) Yes, you can enable night mode on Twitter. Click your profile picture and then select night mode.

Q) I Can’t See My Recent Tweet, What is the Problem?

A) Twitter stores all sorts of recent tweets. You can view up to 3,200 of your recent tweets if you look at tweet history.

Q) Can I See the People Am Following?

A) Yes, you can see all of them, just click the ‘following’ icon and you will be able to see all your followers.

Q) How Can I Find People to Follow?

A) You can find people to follow by searching their user name or name. Even an email can be used to search people on twitter.

Q) Are There Follow Limits?

A) Yes, there are limits when it comes people you can follow. You will be denied to follow people if you reach a certain limit.

Q) Can One Send Direct Messages on Twitter?

A) Yes, you can send direct messages on twitter which are totally private and no one will be able to see them except the person you are chatting with.

Q) Is It possible to block someone on Twitter?

A) Yes, you can decide to either not to follow or block someone on Twitter. It is very simple especially and you will not get notification from people you don’t want.

Q) Can I post a Picture on Twitter?

A) Yes, you can post a picture on twitter and you can put a description of it.

Q) Is it possible to make Video Calls on Twitter?

A) No, Twitter is just a platform where people can only post and chat with one another individually.

Q) Can My Account Be Suspended?

A) Yes, it can be suspended if you violate Twitter rules and regulations. You need to make sure you read all terms and conditions first.

Q) Is It possible to Market a Brand on Twitter?

A) Yes, it is very possible and you need to create sufficient online community if you want maximum visibility.

Q) Can Twitter Be Hacked?

A) Yes, it can be hacked but you ought to have exposed your details for your account to be hacked. Twitter is one of the safest platforms if you don’t expose your log in details.

Q) Can I Change My Password on Twitter?

A) Yes, you can change your password any time you want. Make sure you have your details for verification because if you don’t, Twitter will not allow.

Q) Is Twitter Free to all People?

A) As long as you over 18 years and you have an internet enabled device that is enough for you to start using twitter.

Q) Can I Delete My Twitter Account?

A) Yes, you can delete it. Just contact the support team and you will be given all details. You can even delete it yourself because it is on the settings button.

Q) Can I Create a Group on Twitter?

A) You can only create a hashtag to keep something trending on Twitter. Creating a group may be difficult unless it is just a small group with people whom you can just inbox one another.

Q) Can I Change My Profile Picture?

A) Yes, you can change your profile picture any time you want. Some keep product picture especially for those who use Twitter for business purposes.