Truecaller FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

While using Truecaller there are several questions that must be popping in your head regarding its usage and features. Read the commonly asked questions and answers listed below to know everything that you want to regard Truecaller app.

Q) What is Truecaller application?

A) Truecaller is a caller identification service that finds contact details provided telephone number or name. The mobile app features an integrated call ID service and also renders call-blocking facility. The app also provides social media integration to keep the phonebook updated with birthday details of contacts and more.

Q) Is Truecaller available on both Android and iPhone?

A) Yes, Truecaller mobile app is available on both the mobile OS platforms, as well as Windows Phone, BlackBerry and more.

Q) How do I download and install Truecaller?

A) You need to open the related play store on your device and search for Truecaller app. Tap on the download option and then install it as you do with other apps. Register and set up the Truecaller account with your phone number.

Q) Who developed Truecaller?

A) Truecaller mobile app is developed by True Software Scandinavia AB.

Q) Is Truecaller free to use?

A) Yes, the basic version of the Truecaller mobile app is free to download, install and use.

Q) What is Truecaller Premium?

A) Truecaller Premium is a paid version that provides with advanced functionalities and capabilities that too at competitive prices.

Q) What features are offered by Truecaller Premium?

A) Truecaller Premium offers you the capability to record phone calls, see who checked your profile, make 30 contact requests per month and enjoy ad-free usage, and much more.

Q) Does Truecaller support dual sim feature?

A) Yes, Truecaller has full dual sim support.

Q) Can I identify anyone who calls me, through Truecaller?

A) With a powerful dialer feature, Truecaller is the world’s leading caller ID capable of identifying anyone who is calling you.

Q) Can I block someone using Truecaller?

A) Yes, you can block anyone whose calls and messages you do not want to receive.

Q) How Truecaller helps me avoid Telemarketers and unnecessary calls and messages from others?

A) Integrated with advanced features the app identifies telemarketers and similar spams through number and series and allows the capability to screen and block them.

Q) How can I check names of unknown numbers through Truecaller?

A) Go to the call history and here you can see the names of the unknown numbers calling you, found and updated by Truecaller.

Q) What other features are offered by Truecaller?

A) You can create backups of your call history, contact to your Google Drive account, know when your friends are free to talk and do much more.

Q) What is Flash Messaging feature in Truecaller?

A) You can share status, emoji and your location with someone quickly in a flash, therefore it is known as flash messaging.

Q) Can I call someone for free on Truecaller?

A) No, your calls go through your operator/carrier and you are going to be charged as per your plan.

Q) Can I send free SMS through Truecaller?

A) Although Truecaller replaces the existing default SMS application of your phone with an advanced interface & feature rich SMS app, still it uses the operator/carrier network to send messages which are charged according to your tariff plans.

Q) Does Truecaller also identify SMS?

A) Apart from call identification, Truecaller also identifies every unknown SMS.

Q) Can I change my name in Truecaller?

A) Yes, you can. Open the app on tap on the menu button, and then tap on ‘Edit Profile’ to proceed to change your name.

Q) What if I do not want my number searchable on Truecaller?

A) You can do so by un-listing your phone number visiting this link:

Q) What is Truecaller Pay?

A) Truecaller Pay is a payment platform from Truecaller to do UPI payments and recharges, with a safe and secure platform for instant transfer and transaction 24/7.

Q) What if I have marked number spam by mistake?

A) You need not to worry. Just search the number, and undo by tapping on ‘not spam’ or ‘unblock’.

Enhance your calling and SMS capability and be aware of who is calling and messaging you and avoid unnecessary and spam calls and messages with Truecaller.