Top 5 Video Editing Apps For Android Devices

Best 5 Video Editing Apps for Android Devices

Many people know about video editors meant for PCs and desktops but have no idea about android video editing apps. Android video editing apps are easy to use because you can upload a video on your mobile phone and start crafting to be with the features and graphics you want.

On most of these apps, you can edit sound, graphics and general theme to make your videos look outstanding. Below are the best video editing tools for Android devices that are available for free and you can use them any time you need to edit your videos.

1- FilmoraGo

This is a wonderful app that is designed for all Android devices. It is easy to use because all its features are put both in icons and in words to make you easily identify their use. You can do trimming, cutting, adding themes as well as music to videos to ensure you increase the quality of your video. You can set your videos in 16:9 or 1:1 depending on where you would like to post them. The app has icons to enable you to design your videos for either Instagram or Facebook.

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2- Adobe Premiere Clip

Designed with multiple editing tools, you can be sure to enjoy the best editing options. It comes with the special capabilities of allowing you to merge videos and enjoy a wonderful outcome. You can take videos from different areas and merge them to make it look like a movie. Any spoilers on your videos can be easily moved and you can control graphics to make your videos look super fantastic and wonderful. It’s from the Adobe editor manufacturer so expect nothing but the best. Whether you are a beginner or experienced video editor, this is the best app you can use to increase the quality of your videos.

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3- VideoShow

With a capability to edit, resize and merge videos, VideoShow app remains the best and wonderful app to use for your video editing tasks. It comes with an easy to use interface to ensure you increase the quality of your videos. You can add effects, edit sounds and merge different video areas so that you create a wonderful video. Your video curate capabilities will not be limited because you have a myriad of options manipulate the features of your videos. Just visit its official site and download it, you will receive the best video editing options.

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4- PowerDirector Video Editor App

Very nice controls and options that enable you to add sounds, graphics and control your video motion. You will have increased capability to transform your videos from 1080p to 4k meaning you will have more clear videos than you can imagine. The editor comes with an easy to use interface and it has the best themes you can add to your videos. Over 30 effects are available and you can add or eliminate them to make videos that match your demands. You can even create cartoon-like images and install them in your video to make them more outstanding.

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5- VivaVideo

It looks simple but very unique and wonderful to the end. You can trim, merge, edit and optimize videos into your own liking. It is very easy to install and it comes with all the features you need to ensure you edit your video. Eliminate and add effects, edit sounds and graphics and attach sounds to your videos so that you make them more wonderful than you took them.

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The above video editors are free and you don’t need to be trained for you to understand how to perfectly use them. Just be keen and follow all directions and you will edit your videos perfectly.