Tinder FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Tinder is a social media app that works on a location-based process, allowing people to make friends as well as dates. The platform enables users to like or dislike other’s profiles to convey their interest and two people can chat further if both swiped right on each other’s profiles. Swiping left means you are not interested in conversation with the specific individual.

Q) How can I create a Tinder account?

A) You can create your account on Tinder by logging with your Facebook account details or registering with your phone number.

Q) Will Tinder post about my activities on Facebook?

A) If you have created your Tinder account using your Facebook profile details, you need not to worry as the app does not post anything on Facebook.

Q) Is Tinder available for both Android and iOS?

A) Yes, you can download, install and run your Tinder account on both Android and iOS platform. You can also the Tinder app on the web browser on your desktop visiting Tinder.com.

Q) What is the minimum age requirement for creating an account on Tinder?

A) The minimum age requirement is 18.

Q) Is Tinder free to use?

A) The basic version of Tinder is free to use.

Q) What are Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold?

A) Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are paid versions of Tinder which provides exclusive features and capabilities you won’t be able to enjoy with normal Tinder profile.

Q) Can I access and use Tinder around the world?

A) With the availability of Tinder in over 190 countries, you can use the app freely around the world.

Q) What features are offered by Tinder?

A) Tinder allows you to swipe, match, chat, and date, in the simplest steps. With a double opt-in functionality, you do not have to worry as only when two people show interest mutually then they are able to chat and proceed further to talk and meet.

Q) What to do if I want to send a message to someone?

A) You can send a message to someone if both of you have swiped right to each other’s profile and are mutually interested in chat.

Q) What is ‘Discovery’ on Tinder?

A) This feature helps you to set your preferences based on gender, age, distance, and location. Access the feature through > Settings > Discovery Settings.

Q) What if I have swiped mistakenly?

A) You can undo the swipe but only if you are on Tinder Plus or Gold.

Q) What to do if I want to report someone?

A) You can report someone you have matched or not by going to their profile > tap on menu > Report.

Q) Is it safe to use Tinder?

A) With a mutual interest based swipe and chat feature, as well as incorporating advanced privacy and security configuration, you can rest assured that using Tinder is safe. It is just that you must take care and proceed with measures steps when using Tinder.

Q) Am I able to delete sent messages?

A) You cannot delete messages sent individually on Tinder but are able to delete the entire conversation by unmatching the person.

Q) What is a verified Tinder profile?

A) A verified Tinder profile belongs to a celebrity, public figure or brands, and are accompanied with a blue verified badge.

Q) What is Tinder U?

A) Tinder U is a new feature of the app that allows you to find and connect with nearby students.

Q) How do I enroll in Tinder U?

A) When you enter your campus, you can log into Tinder using your .edu e-mail address to enroll.

Q) What if I want to upgrade from Tinder Plus to Tinder Gold?

A) Yes, you can easily do that right from within your app.

Q) How a Spotify account benefits me on Tinder?

A) With a Spotify account, you are able to add music to your Tinder profile. And even without a Spotify account, you can add an Anthem to your profile, picking from the list of popular songs on Spotify.