TikTok FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

TikTok is a music video sharing social media app, which provides users the facility to create and share videos.

While the app provides multiple functionalities and recently have been in news because of its merger with the Musical.ly app, there are several questions that might be bothering users about the app. Here, we provide a complete list of common questions and answers related to TikTok app.

Q) Where is the TikTok app developed?

A) The TikTok was developed in China, which was acquired by a Chinese company ByteDance in November 2017.

Q) What function TikTok provides users?

A) The music and video sharing social platform provide users ability to create lip-sync videos to their favorite songs, with built-in video effects and social media platform.

Q) Is TikTok different than Musical.ly?

A) Basically, both these apps were same and used to offer the same function and features.

Q) Is TikTok and Musical.ly same app?

A) Earlier, both these apps were different, created by different developers. But after ByteDance acquired Musiacl.ly this year, both of these apps have been merged and now will go by the name TikTok.

Q) What will happen to the existing Musical.ly users?

A) Existing Musical.ly users need not worry as they will be moved to the TikTok platform with their content and followers and will be able to enjoy all the features and capability like before.

Q) Can I create dance videos on TikTok?

A) Yes, you can easily create dance videos while lip-syncing and grooving your dance steps to your favorite song or musical tone.

Q) Is it available on Android and iPhone both?

A) Yes, this app is available on both the popular mobile platforms’ store to download.

Q) How can I download and install TikTok on my device?

A) You just have to open the App Store on your device, search TikTok and download and install it as you do other applications.

Q) How can I register on TikTok?

A) You can create your profile on TikTok in easy and quick steps registering with either your phone number or e-mail address.

Q) Can I watch clips and videos of other users?

A) Yes, by default a user’s profile is public and you can view their creations by searching by specific name and genre or through the feeds.

Q) Can I custom-create my video?

A) With a range of features and special effects provided by TikTok, you can easily create and edit clips utilizing an assortment of effects and other features.

Q) Can I restrict other people from viewing my videos?

A) By default TikTok profiles are public, but you can change that through Privacy settings.

Q) What privacy settings TikTok provides regarding video viewing?

A) At present there are only two settings, Private – only you can view your videos, Public – anyone on the app can view your videos.

Q) Can I use Emojis with my videos?

A) Yes, with 100+ Emojis and face filters and beauty effects offered by TikTok helps users to do so much with their videos.

Q) How can I control what my children are viewing on TikTok?

A) Using a special feature named Digital Wellbeing, you can restrict the appearance of inappropriate content.

Q) Can I limit my time spent on TikTok?

A) For this also, you can enable Digital Wellbeing feature and limit your time on the app.

Q) How can I record my dance video on TikTok if it is a bit dark?

A) You can turn on the Flashlight feature within the app through the settings.

Q) How can I create a duet with someone far from me on TikTok?

A) You can make use of Duet feature following the below steps :

Select a video from your friend, but that has to be below 15 seconds in duration.

On the video page, tap on Start a duet by selecting.

Q) How can I save a video I have created?

A) Just tap on the video, go to the lower right corner and select and then tap on to save.

Q) How can I delete a video?

A) Tap on the video you want to delete, move to the right lower corner and select and then tap on to delete. At present, you can only delete one-by-one and not in bulk.

So, with all your queries answered it is time to bring forward the music star in your and start creating and sharing interesting videos.