Telegram FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Before using start using Telegram you want to brush up your knowledge about the app, its features, functions, security and other elements. Our below-appended FAQ section is intended to help you regarding this.

Q) What is Telegram?

A) Telegram is an app that provides instant messaging service and VoIP service. The app also provides users facility for sending images, videos and documents.

Q) Who developed Telegram?

A) Telegram is developed by a Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov.

Q) What OS platforms Telegram supports?

A) The Telegram can be installed and used on Android, iOS, Windows NT, Windows Phone, Linux and macOS.

Q) How Telegram is different than WhatsApp?

A) The Telegram is a cloud-based messenger app that means you can access your data from any device from anywhere. The app also does not put any restriction on sending photos, videos and other docs in multiple formats of up to 1.5 GB in size. The app also provides an option to store your data on the cloud if you don’t want to keep the data on your device.

Q) How many languages does Telegram support?

A) Telegram provides support for 14 languages at present.

Q) Is it free to use Telegram?

A) Yes, the messenger app is free to download, install and use.

Q) How can I download and install Telegram?

A) You can visit the app store for your mobile OS and download and install the application following the instructions. For desktop, you can find and download the app software by visiting the official portal of Telegram.

Q) Are telegram voice calls free?

A) Yes, making voice calls on Telegram to Telegram is completely free.

Q) What other features are provided by Telegram to make the experience more engaging and fun?

A) Telegram allows you a large assortment of emoji emoticons, sticker sets, bots, channels that are publicly available.

Q) What are green checks in Telegram?

A) One green check means the message has been delivered to the Telegram cloud and the recipient has been notified. Two green checks mean the message has been read by the recipient.

Q) Can I hide ‘last seen’ status?

A) Yes, you can do that through Privacy and Settings. But after doing so, you won’t be able to see other contacts’ Last Seen timestamps.

Q) Can I make video calls on Telegram?

A) Currently, this feature is not available for Telegram users.

Q) What is direct video feature through message?

A) Instead of video calling, Telegram allows you to send 1-minute video directly through the message.

Q) Can I create a chat group in Telegram?

A) Telegram provides you the capability to create a group for a conversation on the platform. You can add up to 100,000 members in your group.

Q) What is a supergroup?

A) If you find your group to grow to a large community, you can create a supergroup within that adding people up to 100,000.

Q) Can anyone invite new members to a group?

A) Yes, any member can invite anyone, change the group’s name and image. However for a bigger group community there is a restricted mode that means only the administrators are allowed to invite people, change photo and name.

Q) What is the feature in Telegram?

A) Through this feature, your username is assigned a link which you can send to your friend. When they tap on the link, they can start chatting with you right away.

Q) How can I restrict people to search me?

A) By deleting your username. Go to the settings and instead of a username save an empty username. This won’t affect your chats in any way.

Q) What type of security is provided by Telegram?

A) To ensure full safety and security of user’s data, Telegram provides two layers of data encryption – server-client encryption for cloud chats and client-client encryption for secret chats.

Q) What are secret chats?

A) Secret chats are a highly secure way of communication between two people, and no one other than the two people is able to read the message, as it utilizes end-to-end encryption.

Q) What is self-destruct timer?

A) This feature is able for secret chats only and ensures chats are deleted after a certain time limit. You can set the desired time limit from the settings.