Snapchat FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Snapchat is one of the best instant messaging and social media platforms where people can communicate, share ideas and market businesses. Millions of people are using the app but it is not that common compared to Facebook and WhatsApp. It is a very easy to use platform that you can always rely on because it comes with plenty of options of communication. All you need to do is to make sure you create an account and verify it and you will be good to go. As a new user, you are wondering how you can use Snapchat and below are some FAQs to use.

Q) Is It Available in All Operating Systems?

A) Yes, Snapchat is available on iOS and Android platform. It is also available for windows so you can simply visit your app store and download it.

Q) How Do I start Using the App?

A) First, download the app to your device and then you can sign up for an account. It’s simple and easy.

Q) How Do I Use Snapchat?

A) Once you have a perfect account for yourself, you can then start taking snaps and sending to your friends. Remember you can only take videos up to 30 seconds.

Q) Can I Find New Friends?

A) Yes, you can find new friends by searching their username, add from the address book and add nearby friends.

Q) What is a Snap Code?

A) A snap code is a unique identifier attached to every account. This means you can easily find others by taking a photo of their snap code.

Q) Can a Story Last for Long on Snapchat?

A) No, a story lasts only some few hours like 24 hours. It does not last longer than that so you need to participate while it is still there.

Q) Can I Post Live After Incidence?

A) No, you only post live when you are near the scene and you can see the activity. Members or friends will then participate.

Q) What is Geo-filter?

A) This is a Snapchat that brings out the most prominent events around you. You know the best to attend or activities to do.

Q) Can I Use Snapchat?

A) Some people think Snapchat is only for young people since it involves taking pictures and lots of videos. Even old people can use Snapchat as long as you have friends who can interact or communicate with you.

Q) Can I Use Snapchat for Marketing?

A) Yes, you can use the geo-filter to create an on-demand activity where most people will look, comment and participate.

Q) Can I gain more Brand Recognition on Snapchat?

A) Yes, you can gain more recognition on Snapchat because most brand owners are not even on the platform. You can take advantage of this and increase your recognition from your clients.

Q) Is Snapchat on iOS?

A) For now, it is only officially available on Android and iOS devices alone. You can also use it on iOS devices.

Q) Can I Update My App?

A) You can update Snapchat any time you feel like there is a new update that you need to have. You don’t need to keep using an app that keeps hanging.

Q) Is it safe and secure?

A) Yes, totally safe but it can be hacked if you expose your details to tech gurus. Always keep your passwords and login details to yourself. Don’t expose them to anyone.

Q) Do I Get Solutions when I have Issues Using the App?

A) Yes, it has a reliable customer support team you can always contact if you want quick assistance.

Q) I Find It to Be Liked By Young People, Can I Use It?

A) Snapchat is for everyone. Young people like it because it is easy to share photos and instant content but even old people can use it any time.

Q) Does the App Have Minimum Age Requirement?

A) 13 years is the minimum age one needs to have before using the app. You may be blocked if you don’t have required age.

Q) Is It Addictive If You Use It For Long?

A) Yes, it is highly addictive especially if you have friends who are always busy texting and sending you content.

Q) How Can I Keep My Kids Safe from Snapchat?

A) Always make sure you monitor their accounts. Make sure they don’t share adult content.

Q) Can I Always Post Content?

A) There is no limit on the number of content you should post or share. You can post as much as you want.