Skype FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

With so much of capability offered by Skype, the users can get overwhelmed about how to properly use Skype knowing the right features and options. Our detailed FAQ section will help you get an in-depth knowledge of how Skype works and much more.

Q) What is Skype?

A) Skype is a software application developed specifically for telecommunication platform offering facility for voice and video calls and instant messaging service over multiple devices like mobile, desktop, Xbox console and smartwatches over the internet, along with regular telephone network.

Q) Who created Skype?

A) Skype was developed and launched by Sweden’s Niklas Zennström and Denmark’s Janus Friis in 2003.

Q) Who currently owns Skype?

A) Currently, Skype is owned by Microsoft Corporation.

Q) Is it free to use Skype?

A) When you are making Skype to Skype calls anywhere in the world, it is free to use. Users need to pay when they want to access premium features like calling to a mobile phone, landline number outside of Skype or sending SMS texts and voice mail.

Q) What payment packages Skype has if I need to use premium features?

A) Depending on your usage you can either pick a pay-monthly package or pay-as-you-go tariff plan.

Q) How does Skype work?

A) When you install and run Skype VoIP system you access the application called a client that allows you to make calls, send files, messages and even play real-time games with another user.

Q) How many languages are supported by Skype?

A) Skype supports 43 languages which can be accessed and enabled through ‘Language Codes’.

Q) In how many languages you can translate video and voice calls in Skype on Windows?

A) You can translate the video and voice calls in 6 languages, available for users on Windows 7 platform and above.

Q) Why Skype asks for date of birth during account creation?

A) Microsoft asks for date of birth during account creation to ensure heightened safety for children.

Q) Which Skype version supports call and message reaction?

A) These features are supported by the latest Skype versions.

Q) Where can I find my Skype ID?

A) You can find your Skype ID by moving to >My profile and then to > Skype

Q) Is the latest Skype version offer more Emojis?

A) Yes, the latest Skype version features a large assortment of newly added Emojis, emoticons, and stickers.

Q) What additional features Skype is working on to bring in future versions?

A) Skype plans to offer enhanced functionality to users offering several additional features like Unread message indicator on chat icon, Message formatting (bold, italics, underline), Voice message in-app playback.

Q) What is Skype Lite?

A) Skype Lite is a lightweight app for Android platform developed for areas like India where there can be connectivity issues. The Lite provides all the great Skype features, to ensure great performance with complete solution.

Q) Is Skype Lite different than the original Skype?

A) Skype Lite is intended for users with low internet connectivity and one can moderate their data usage otherwise the main features are available in both. Skype Lite does lack in some features like GIFs, animation and location sharing, but it also provides bots such as Meme Cat, MSN News, and Horoscope.

Q) What is Skype for Business?

A) Skype for Business is enterprise software or an instant messaging client platform that run on Skype for Business Online or Skype for Business Server.

Q) Has Microsoft replaced Lync with Skype?

A) Yes, in 2014 Microsoft announced that its dedicated Skype for Business messaging client would replace Lync, which came into effect in 2015.

Q) Can I get a refund from Skype?

A) Yes, if you want to cancel a paid order and get a refund then you can log into your account, select the order to get a refund for and then click on the ‘Refund’ button. You are eligible to get the refund for unused subscriptions that haven’t expired, unused skype credit (for refund requests placed within 14 days of purchase), technical issues and fraudulent use of your Skype account.

Q) Can I change or cancel my Skype subscriptions?

A) Yes you can change and cancel your Skype subscription at least three days before your plan renewal date to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle.

Q) How do I get to update my Skype?

A) As soon as the newer version is released for the device you are using Skype on, it notifies you. You can proceed with the update without any worry of losing your Skype data.

With these FAQs, we are sure it will help you know this popular instant messaging and calling app better and enhance your experience.