How To Share YouTube Videos That Starts At Certain Time

How to Share YouTube Videos with Someone that Starts at a Certain Time?

YouTube videos may contain a lot of content to the point that some of the content may be boring. Knowing the specific sections of a video that contain meaningful content is perfect. You don’t need to watch all the video so you just capture the time and share it with your friends. So how do you start a video at a certain current time with your friends? Below is a simple but comprehensive tutorial you can use to make this successful. You don’t need to subscribe to do the below actions so just head straight to the video.

Click the Share Button and Select Start Time

  • Below the title of the video, you will see a subscribe button. Below the subscribe button, you will see a share button.
  • When you click the share button, a lot of social media account options will be displayed. Don’t click on any of these social media icons instead, look at below these icons and you will ‘start at’.
  • Click on this box and write the exact time you would like your video to start at.
  • You can also choose the time by moving the cursor on the video play line or you can simply write the exact time you would like your video to start.
  • Once you are done writing your exact time, you can go ahead and copy the link. The link will contain the exact time you would like your video to start at. You can share the link with anyone and they will view your preferred content.

Create Your Link Manually

  • Alternatively, you can create your start time manually by adding the time to the Url of the video.
  • If you look closely at this link, you will see there is a question mark, an equal sign, and 4m 37s. This is the time of the video so you can just click on the link of the video, add the time you want and you will be able to enable your friends to watch the preferred content.
  • With the link of the video, first, add ?t and then you will add your preferred time of the video section. It does not take time and you may create many links especially if the video is long and you would like to view only some specific sections of the video.
  • Android users can download the YouTube app first because on the browser some icons may be absent especially the start at the section.

Make sure you use the latest android version because it is the one that is compatible with the latest YouTube version. You will enjoy perfect streaming of the video without any hanging. Remember this option of sharing videos at the same start time with your friends is only available on YouTube so if you expect to find it on other video media, you will be disappointed. Some other video media have started using it but it is not that competent as compared to YouTube.

Sharing videos at same time is a nice feature because it even enables people to learn or view content at the same time. It has been used in teaching groups who are in different locations so that they understand things in the same way. If you have a friend and you would like him or her to know the videos perfectly, you can also share at the same start time. The bottom line is that video sharing brings about uniformity on your video watching and you will be able to enjoy the best outcomes.