How To Schedule Messages On WhatsApp

Have you ever forgotten to send an important WhatsApp message in time?

Maybe it was wishing you friend a happy birthday or greeting loved ones on a festival. Or maybe it was that important message you were supposed to send a colleague or client but it somehow slipped from your memory.

It has happened to many people and they were almost hanged for it. And who would not get mad if their close friend forgot to send them good wishes on their special day?

Sending messages in time is a good trait to have.

What do you do to ensure that you are perfect in sending WhatsApp messages in time?

Schedule your text messages and enjoy your time like you have done everything that’s required in this life. We kid you not; you can compose your messages in advance and set them for departure’ to specific WhatsApp contacts or groups at a pre-set time.

Sounds like a cheat sheet to being a very organized and mindful person. Yes, it is probably the only way for many people to send important text messages in a timely manner.

But how comes you haven’t known about this trick for all the years you have used WhatsApp?

Here’s the reason why scheduling WhatsApp messages has gained popularity only recently :

Despite the official WhatsApp being a lovely platform that allows us to do a handful of socialization things, it doesn’t have a feature that can allow you schedule messages.

Note : that this is not a reason to hate the App, it still remains the best messaging app we have around.

You enjoy the super-fast delivery of texts on the platform, and you surely love the funny videos your contacts put as their status updates, don’t you?

WhatsApp realized that adding a feature such as the message scheduler could probably slow down the App. They don’t want to see you frown at them the way you do when using that sluggish application on your phone.

We are going to show you a simple way to schedule messages on WhatsApp. You won’t believe how simple the process is..

How to schedule text messages on WhatsApp?

There are a number of ways to schedule text messages on Social Apps.

If you are an Android user, one of the best ways to schedule WhatsApp messages is by using GBWhatsApp Mod APK. This is a mod app for the official app that works exactly like WhatsApp but has additional features like the Message Scheduler.

GBWhatsapp Mod APK features and benefits :

GBWhatsapp Mod APK gives you more freedoms over your messaging app. In addition to scheduling messages, you can change colors whenever you like. The best thing about this app is that you can use it on unrooted devices.

Let’s get down to Scheduler – the main reason why GBWhatsApp Mod APK is becoming increasingly popular by each dawn.

You only need to have an Android Smartphone and good internet connection to learn how to schedule messages on WhatsApp and actually use the Mod app right away.

If you are wondering how the app feels and looks like, the following tips will give you an idea of what to expect from it:

  • The app runs smoothly like any other highly optimized third party app
  • The user interface is just as interactive and friendly as WhatsApp
  • It has sufficient privacy features to safeguard your identity
  • You can send large files including documents using the app
  • It gives you the ability to run two WhatsApp account on one Android phone, finally!!
  • Hide online status if you will, and no one will know that you are online
  • Just like WhatsApp, it has the blue tick mark that indicates a message has been read. You can hide/unhide it too whenever you wish
  • You can now send your location to a friend via GBWhatsapp
  • Store management is made simpler than on WhatsApp
  • Enjoy a wide range of themes on your new app
Steps to follow to schedule WhatsApp messages :
  • Download and install the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK
  • To start using GBWhatsapp, verify it using your mobile number. You are basically all set to start scheduling messages.
  • Notice that all your WhatsApp contacts appear on the front page of the app. Locate the Menu button; it’s at the right top corner.

Taping the Menu button opens up many amazing features that you have been missing in the official app. One of them is the “Message Scheduler”. Select this feature and a new blank window opens.

  • Click on the “+” sign at the bottom of the blank page.

The text boxes that appear are the ones you will use to compose your message, add the intended recipient(s), and the date and time you want the message sent.

You can schedule the same message to be sent at a predetermined frequency (for example daily) or to many people.

  • Once you are done filling in details in the text boxes, tap the Schedule button and the message will be sent automatically at the set time.

You no longer have to worry about dozing off before sending late night love wishes to your loved one. Nor do you have to be crucified for forgetting to send birthday wishes or other important messages to people who are close to you.

With GBWhatsapp, your messaging tasks are a bit easier. Schedule your WhatsApp text messages at your convenience and be sure that the recipient will receive them without the slightest idea about what you have done.

Another benefit of using Message Scheduler at the workplace is that it allows you to compose messages without any hurry and at your convenience. This way, you create error-free messages that communicate your idea or report more accurately.

GBWhatsapp has proved to be more than just a convenient way of scheduling messages. It is all Android users have been missing from other messaging apps.

The Mod version also comes with many more decent features to make your life more exciting and organized. It works well on all Android Smartphone’s and is so simple to download, install, and use. Any WhatsApp user will find GBWhatsapp APK extremely useful in their daily lives now that they can automate text messaging and concentrate on other matters. Download GBWhatsapp APK and start scheduling text messages on WhatsApp right away.

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