How To Save Snapchat Videos And Stories On Android

How to Save Snapchat videos and story on Android?

Snapchat is a quick-hit chat service that enables people to send and receive messages instantly. If you thought your selfies, videos or naughty photos were safe on snapchat, you need to reconsider. Snapchat does not actually save content but rather it hides from other apps so that no one can get access to them. Hackers are capable of seeing your photos since they are not encrypted. To make sure you don’t expose your photos, save them on Android phone and delete them on your Snapchat app so that you remain clean.

First Download the App

  • To download the app, first, visit Google store and search its name. It will be presented to you and you will need to click on it to download it.
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  • Once it is downloaded, install it and then open the app. Log in to your account and if you receive a message don’t open it first because snapchat only saves unread messages.
  • You also need to have enough memory on your phone to ensure you can save your videos.
  • Tap the download option arrow, it is normally located at the top of the app. It will download all unread messages or saved ones to your phone including the content that it contains.
  • Once you are done, there will be a new folder on your android phone entitled snapchat. You can open it and see all videos or content. You can from there decide which folder your videos should be placed.
  • Snapchat arranges content in terms of videos, screenshots, music or GIF. There is no need for you to create a new folder but you can just use the snapchat folders.

Using the AZ Screen Recorder to Save Videos

  • First, you need to download this app to your device. Once it is on your android phone, you need to launch it and you will be ready to use it. AZ Screen Recorder is a simple and easy to install the app that comes with all the features you need to save your video content.
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  • Open the snapchat on your device once the app has completely installed.
  • You can then tap floating icon on the AZ Screen Recorder and select camera so that you start recording completely.
  • Quickly, open the snapchat video you want to capture and you can pull down the notification and stop recording. It is that easy and you can continue doing the same for other videos.

Another way of recording such a video is by playing the video on your Snapchat and then record it using another device. Android and snapchat have no deal symbiotic relationship to enable users to manage their content so you need to find a necessary and appropriate way to save and lock your videos. Matters of security are the most important ones so if you save your videos, make sure you put passwords and avoid public Wi-Fi networks because people can easily breach your system and steal your passwords. The next thing is that they will steal your videos and other vital data.

Snapchat is known to be a perfect platform where people can share stories and wonderful pictures. Due to its privacy and inbox feature, many people think it’s a safe platform where they can easily leave their videos. As stated earlier, snapchat does not encrypt videos or stories so you may end up losing your content if it is not well saved on your phone. This is why you need to follow the steps on this guide to ensure you keep your content safe and secure until when you need to use it again.