How To Save Facebook Videos Without Any Software

How to Download Facebook Videos without Any Software

Facebook may contain the best videos that can stimulate a smile or enjoyment from you. At times you want these videos but because you don’t have a software to download them, you end up not being able to download the video. This tutorial will guide you through the whole process of downloading the video and how you can easily use them. Just make sure you have enough space on your phone and if possible, enough data bundles that will make it possible for you to download the video.

  • Select the Video You Want to Play. Normally, you need to click a video twice on Facebook before it starts playing. Tap it once and let it open perfectly before you follow the next step.
  • Right click your video and 3 options will come up including play, mute and show the URL. Select show URL and copy the URL.
  • While URL is copied to your clipboard, now you need to visit the This is not a software but rather a site that you will use to paste your link or URL and start downloading content.
  • You can then click download button and you will be able to get your video. Remember you can choose the kind or type of video quality you would like to download so that you get what you prefer.
  • Your video will then be downloaded to your phone gallery as long as you have sufficient internet. Always make sure you get the best data plan that will allow for download to be complete because you get interrupted, you will need to start afresh which is not only time wasting but also makes you waste a lot of internet data. You can practice a little bit to make sure you perfect your skills.

Downloading videos from Facebook is one of the very simple procedures that you can do. Software for downloading videos may not be free but why should you spend money on software while there are free softwares you can use to download your videos. All you need is a perfect internet that will allow your videos to download to your phone. Downloading lots of videos to your phone may make your phone to always hang. Always make sure you are sure of the sources from which you are downloading videos from. This is because some videos may contain viruses or malware that may compromise your data security.

Another software you can use is the net that allows you to download without any problem. All you need to do is to make sure you install the software on your phone or computer and you will be ready to go. Just copy the video link and paste it to and you will be asked to choose your perfect video format. Once you are done, you will be ready to use your video as it seems fit for you. Free and without hassle because the software is truly amazing and up to your satisfaction. You can even download HD videos to make sure you enjoy every moment.

Facebook has to do downloader so if you need videos, you need to download from your chosen software. Make sure you don’t download videos that are harmful to your phone because some are meant to hack your accounts and expose your passwords. You may lose valuable information to the hackers so you need to be extremely careful at all times. Once you know you have a perfect software, you can go ahead and download any videos of your choice. It could be music, fun videos or any kind of video content, download so that you enjoy watching even if you are offline.