Pinterest FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

You love to share and search images, and Pinterest is designed for that. But what if you stuck on and confused about the site’s features and more? Our detailed FAQ below is here to help you get the right answers for your entire questions.

Q) What is Pinterest?

A) Pinterest is an image-sharing social network that provides an application for both web and mobile platform across various Operating Systems. The site provides an option to share images in a wide range of formats, GIFs and videos.

Q) Who created Pinterest?

A) The site was developed by Paul Sciarra, Ben Silbermann, and Evan Sharp.

Q) How and for what can I Pinterest?

A) This app allows you to share and discover images and videos related to your preference. The posting of images is referred to as ‘pinning’. The platform for your entire collection of ‘pins’ on a specific theme is known as a ‘board’.

Q) How can I download and install Pinterest?

A) You can visit the site to download the Pinterest app software on your desktop. For mobile users, you can find the app on the related app store to download and install.

Q) Can I buy items on Pinterest?

A) Brands and sellers pin images of items accompanied by a blue price tag, and are known as ‘Buyable pin’. These images refer to the products you can buy and are able to add them to your wish list and proceed further using a credit card, Apple Pay or other provided payment options.

Q) Can I buy clothes on Pinterest without actually going to the store?

A) Yes, with ‘Buyable Pins’ feature, the app allows shopping from clothes directly within the platform.

Q) Can an image or ‘pin’ be spam?

A) There are some fraudulent people who can create special images infected with a virus or re-direct images to their site. When you explore images on Pinterest, you should be careful to avoid such instances.

Q) Is Pinterest safe to use?

A) In spite of some spam threat, Pinterest is still highly safe and easy to use with, incorporated with advanced security features.

Q) What type of images I can find on Pinterest?

A) You can explore and find images on Pinterest across all ranges of industries and categories, that is not inappropriate for the users and do not violate policies.

Q) Can I, as an individual, create a Pinterest account?

A) Yes, brands have become popular only recently on Pinterest. Whether you are an individual, company, a group of people or so, you can create your Pinterest account and share images and videos.

Q) Can I find DIY ideas on Pinterest?

A) Yes, Pinterest is a very valuable and rich source to find DIY craft ideas for your projects.

Q) How can I save an image on my mobile?

A) Go to the image you want to save > tap on the three-dot icon (on the top-left corner for Android, and on top for iPhone)> Download, to save it on your device.

Q) How can I save an image on my desktop?

A) Hover over the image and right click > click on ‘Save image as’ and select the download field.

Q) How can I find the image’s original source?

A) Go to the image, right click on it or tap on the three-dot menu icon (depending on your device), then copy the image. Open in your browser and click on the camera icon in the search bar. Now paste the copied URL of the image and click on search. You can check through the results to find the original source.

Q) How can I download a video from Pinterest?

A) You will need to use external sources for this. Copy the URL of the video and then copy this URL on Pinterest Video Downloader and other external downloader software to save the video on your device. Make sure that you are using an authentic and legitimate application.

Q) Can I follow other people’s boards on Pinterest?

A) Yes, you can follow other people, boards and topics to customize and personalize your home feed with interesting collection.

Q) What if a pin or board is missing?

A) You can have accidentally deleted a pin or board or may have accidentally left the board. You can ask the board owner to invite you back (if you have been removed from the board), but you cannot do anything related to the deleted pin or boards, only that you can look for the cached copy.

Q) What is Pinterest for Business?

A) Pinterest for business is a special platform for enterprises to create a specific marketing platform for their products and services using a wide range of features and capabilities.

Q) What Hashtags refer to in Pinterest?

A) The hashtag is a feature that helps you explore the freshest pins. This feature has ideally replaced the now-retired Circles on Pins.

Q) What is Pinterest Lens?

A) It is a special feature that helps you explore so much around you. You can point the Pinterest Camera on anything to discover new ideas and more related to that image.

Q) Can I edit or delete a pin or board?

A) Yes, Pinterest provides you with all the basic capabilities and advanced features to edit your pin or board, or even delete them if you want to.

Start pinning around and make your exploration fun and interesting with all the knowledge you have accrued with these FAQs.