How To Find Non-Copyrighted Videos To Use For Your Youtube Channel

Finding non-copyrighted videos for your YouTube Channel is hard. Many people or video creators secure their content with licenses to ensure no one copies them or uses them without any permission. As a YouTube channel operator, using people’s videos may lead to your videos being blocked or pulled by YouTube administrators. If you want to commercialize your videos, you need to find videos that have no copyright issues. How can you find the best videos? Find out below.

Check for Unrestricted Videos

Some videos are unrestricted meaning anyone can download them and use them as he or she needs. Just search the word unrestricted and you will have a list of them. The problem with these kinds of videos is that they don’t have substantial content that you may like to use. If you don’t need any serious videos, you can use these ones but they will not attract a lot of visitors as the top quality videos would do. Unrestricted videos include videos from government channels or public videos that contain public content.

Use Videos with Creative Common License

You can use these videos and even monetize them because the owners authorized the public to use them. There is however one condition that you need to meet which is citing the source or owner of the video and give credit back to the content maker. If you make the best citation, you will not be penalized.  To find such videos make sure you look for videos with the only creative commons license on the search button of YouTube. Always make sure you give credit to the source and if possible contact the owner to ask for permission before you feature his or her videos online.

Look For Videos with Expired Licenses

YouTube does not protect videos with expired licenses so if you find videos with expired licenses, those are free videos. The problem will come when the user wants to renew the license and make the videos operational once again. You need to seek consent from the owner because some video owners don’t pay for videos that they no longer have use of. Always make sure you confirm if the user does not completely want the videos or he will use them in the near future. Non-copyrighted videos are always nice to use because you will pay nothing at all.

Check for Websites That Have Videos for Public Domain

You can as well look for websites that feature videos with a public domain. These websites don’t have any copyright issues so you can simply use them and upload them on to your YouTube Channel. As indicated above, it is important to make sure you cite the source so that you don’t suffer from any penalties. You can search online about the websites that contain non-copyrighted videos. You will find plenty of them so you need to choose your niche of interest and upload your favorite videos to your YouTube Channel.

Copyright issues are always followed by heavy penalties so you need to make sure you are not found with one. It is important to create your own videos if you want the best YouTube career so that you don’t get reported. You may end up paying lots of fines if you are found with an unauthorized video which is not perfect. Always seek permission from the owners if you want the best career without being reported. For public videos like government content, most video is free to the public and they can use it the way they want.