How To Find Non-Copyrighted Music For YouTube Videos

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a free video-sharing platform that is available to access through a browser on the desktop, as well as an app for mobile devices. Owned by Google, YouTube is the largest video-sharing service that offers viewers video options across myriad genres, from small to large videos. The service also provides a free platform to video creators to make and share videos for any subject and topic, in accordance with YouTube’s guidelines.

Creating Video to Upload on YouTube

Creating videos for YouTube is not a tough task. You need a concept, a good quality camera, script, and visuals. You can also create a video compiling content from digital sources, but that must be unique and not violate any terms of the sources.

Music for Video

When you are done with your video, you might feel the lack of background music in the video. Or your video is just silent visuals and you now need to add music to it to give it a good effect and final touch. But how do you do that?

Music Copyright

You might feel tempted to search through different music libraries or playlists and pick great tunes to add to your video. DO NOT DO THAT. This way you may end up infringing on the music copyright. Music creators protect their music from being copied and used through copyright.


YouTube is a big company and very good at what they do. So, do not think you will escape its eyes and monitoring senses. The Content ID system of YouTube can easily detect illegal use of copyrighted music and this will lead YouTube to block your channel, your account or take down the video.


The solution to this is to discover sources and ways through which you can find free music or non-copyrighted music to use for your videos.

How to Find Non-Copyrighted Music for Your YouTube Video?

There are several ways and websites also where you can find non-copyrighted music specific to your use. These resources offer an extensive range of wide-genre options to help you pick one according to your needs:

  • YouTube Free Audio Library

To help creators find royalty-free music in a legal way, YouTube provides a free audio library through its own platform. Here you can find a comprehensive range of soundtracks and background music.

  • Creative Commons

Creative Commons is not just limited to finding royalty-free images but also provides music support as well. The Creative Commons Music platform lets you explore options shared by creators, which you can use freely, albeit in accordance with their set parameters.

  • Musopen

This music website offers a host of non-copyrighted music, especially if you are looking for classical music.

  • Incompetech

Another music website that has one of the largest and best collections of royalty-free music. You can explore via genre and feel and all you have to do is place a credit within your video. The range of options is huge, so any category video you are making, you can be assured of finding something useful here.

  • Public Domain 4U

This website is unique and highly helpful for many as it hosts music whose copyright has expired.

  • DanoSongs

This music website is created by Dan-O, a music composer who puts up his original creations on this site to share with users for free. His only condition is that you credit him within the video or link to this website.

  • Partners In Rhyme

This website is a complete source in itself, as it not only provides royalty-free music tracks but also sound effects, background video, and audio software.

With these great and high-quality sources, finding the right and quality non-copyrighted music for your YouTube videos will not be a big task from now on.