How To Make Money By Uploading Videos To Your YouTube Channel

YouTube – Largest Video Sharing Network

Owned by Google, YouTube is a free video sharing network that provides an option to watch and upload videos through the desktop version as well as through an app for the mobile devices running a different OS, like Android, iOS, and more.

The leading video sharing network is accessed by millions of people via varied platforms and devices. You can not only watch music videos, movies, shows, news, and more videos pertaining to any category and genre imaginable, but you can also upload videos to create your own channel.

How to Earn Money with Your Own YouTube Channel?

When you are building a YouTube channel and sharing videos with people whether created by you individually or by your company or studio, you can also earn money through that. For this, you need to follow some easy and effective tips to monetize your channel as explained below.

  1. Channel Setup

The first step is to create your YouTube Channel, specific to the category your videos belong to. Use your existing Google account to set up your channel or create another one. Make sure to pick a unique and effective username, add keywords to help people find your videos easily, and follow other guidelines of Google to create your channel.

  1. Upload Videos

To monetize your channel and start earning money, you must upload lots and lots of videos that are free from any copyright issue and are of interest to the audience. The foremost factor is to build an audience before you can think of earning with your channel. There are few things that you must know, and are specific to the monetization guidelines – upload regularly, add quality and rich content, upload high-quality videos, and tag your videos adding detailed descriptions.

  1. Build an Audience

Remember that monetization on YouTube is possible through advertisements and the advertisers are looking for channels and platforms that attract an audience. So, you must be willing to provide value to your channel viewers and that your videos are advertiser-friendly. Make use of all the promotional methods to gain an audience. Share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks and optimize other promotional methods for your videos. Also, make sure that not only views but subscribers are also necessary to help you monetize your channel.

  1. Enable Monetization

Check with the YouTube what are their requirements to meet the monetization criteria. One of the most ones is that you must have at least 4000 hours watch time and minimum of subscribers to your channel.

To enable monetization, go to the ‘My Channel’ page when you log into YouTube with your account. Click ‘Video Manager’ and then ‘Channel’. There you need to enable monetization. You can enable monetization for a specific video you upload by checking the ‘Monetize with Ads’ option by visiting the ‘Video Manager’ option. You must adhere and agree to the YouTube’s policies related to the monetization.

  1. Setup Google Adsense

You can make use of Google flagship advertise program Adsense to earn money for your monetized videos. Go to the Adsense site and create your account, for which you must be minimum 18 years of age. Add your bank account or PayPal account with the Adsense account.

Make sure that you go through knowing different ad formats and what kind of videos you can monetize.

  1. YouTube Partner

When you have uploaded 4000 hours of videos and have minimum 1000 subscribers in the last 12 months, then you are eligible to become YouTube partners. Your monetization program would be reviewed by YouTube and if all looks good then you will become a partner of YouTube for revenue flow.

Make sure that you are playing by the rules only if you want to turn your YouTube Channel into a money-spinner.