Line FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

With so many functions provided by Line, it is obvious that users will have certain queries and doubts regarding the app’s functions, capabilities, security and more which are thoroughly detailed in our FAQs section below to help you enhance your experience using Line.

Q) What is Line App?

A) The line is an instant communications application that provides features to send free text messages and make free voice and video calls using internet connectivity. The app enables users to send messages, images, audio files, videos as well as make calls and video conferences, share location for free on a number of devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Q) Who developed Line?

A) Line app is developed by internet company Line Corporation, which is a Japan-based subsidiary of Naver Corporation, a South Korean internet search giant.

Q) How can I download and install Line?

A) Search for the Line app on your app store to download the application on your mobile device.  You can download the software to run on the desktop from the company’s website. After downloading, you can install the application like any other app on your device.

Q) Is Line free to use?

A) Yes, Line app is free to use to send messages, images, audio, and video and make calls.

Q) How many languages does Line app support?

A) At present Line provides support for 17 languages.

Q) What is Line Lite?

A) Line Lite is a lightweight version of the Line app, which uses very less space and consumes a smaller amount of data. It also offers smooth and clean interface.

Q) How many peoples can I add in a group in Line?

A) You can add up to 200 friends in a group.

Q) What the polls feature let me do in Line?

A) You can create polls to discuss and decide with your friends about various conclusions like where to eat, what movie to go and so, avoiding lengthy time-consuming discussions.

Q) Can I use filters and effects during a call?

A) Yes, Lime offers various filters and special effects that you can use within your calls to add a fun factor. Remember that this option is limited to certain devices.

Q) How can I customize and enhance the way I communicate on Line?

A) With the availability of hundreds of popular stickers through the Sticker shop, special filters, emojis and more you can now liven up the way you communicate over Line.

Q) What if I want to access all my chats on different devices I use Line on?

A) Line provides an auto-sync feature that ensures all your chats are automatically synced and updated across all the devices.

Q) How do I store my data in Line?

A) With ‘Keep’ feature, Line allows you to store all your messages, images, videos and more to access and share them with friends easily.

Q) Does Line offer access to other apps?

A) Yes, Line enables the gateway to connect with and access several lifestyles and entertainment apps for your convenience right from the platform.

Q) What is Line Out?

A) Line Out allows you to call friends who are not on Line. You can call internationally to mobile and landline phones at low rates using Line Out feature.

Q) How much is heavy mage size I can send through Line?

A) You can send images in JPG, JPEG, and PNG file format for up to 10MB in size at once. Unfortunately, the app does not provide support for sending GIF files as of now.

Q) How many messages I can send in a month?

A) You can send up to 1000 messages per month on Line on a free plan. To send more, you can upgrade to paid plan.

Q) What is message distribution feature?

A) Through this feature, you can send information to people who have friended your account, including your account info, images, coupons and more.

Q) How do I reserve a message to send later on Line?

A) Line provides a feature wherein you can create a message in advance and set the date and time to send it later.

Q) What is 1-on-1 chat feature?

A) Like the normal Line chats, this feature allows you to chat with someone who sends you [email protected] account messages.

Q) What if I don’t want to engage in 1-on-1 chat with anyone?

A) You can turn the feature off by going to the Manage tab, then to Reply Mode and then turn off the 1-on-1 Chat Mode.

Q) What is Auto Reply feature?

A) Auto Reply feature enables users to send pre-set messages when someone tries to chat with their [email protected] You can make use of two types of auto-reply features – normal auto-reply or keyword reply message.

With these commonly asked questions and answers, most of your doubts would be resolved. If you have any more question regarding Line, feel free to contact us.