How To Make YouTube Safer For Your Kids

How to Make YouTube Viewing Safe for Kids?

YouTube has all sorts of videos, some are nice for children while others are not. Access to X-rated videos is not perfect for your children because they might learn some morals and habits that may compromise or ruin their entire behavior and personality. To prevent such misfortunes from occurring in your family, you can implement some few interventions to make YouTube safe for your kids. You may try to prevent them from accessing the internet but at times you may be away and they will whatever they want.

Set Up a Family Account

You ought to have already discovered that there is always an email linked to your YouTube viewings and comments. Normally it is a Gmail account and from where device you watch your videos, the history will still be the same as long as you logged in to your Gmail account. If you set a family account, you will be able to monitor the kind of videos that your kids are watching even without you being there. You can also set an age limit of the videos so that no X-rated videos can be displayed on your YouTube Channels for any reason.

Turn on Safety Mode

This method may not be the most reliable one but it hinders children from accessing objectionable content. Safety mode is located at the very bottom of the page and once you turn it on, you will see the best kind of videos. Every mature content will be blocked directly on the screen. The problem will come when children learn about the safety mode because they might turn it off any time. You may also forget to turn it on after you are done with your activities on the computer and this may expose your kids to such bad content.

Create a Playlist and Show It to Your Kids

YouTube does not watch video content and rate them, the person who uploaded and the viewers are the ones who categorize videos and rate them. If the person who uploaded them did not put an age limit, the video will be displayed on your screen. If viewers did not rate it as mature video, YouTube will show it on your screen. To make sure you prevent such issues, create a family-friendly playlist that will enable you to play only nice videos. You can as well subscribe to only Family related channels so that you see only wonderful content.

Always Monitor Your Kids

As you are setting the above restrictions, it is important to note that your kids are growing. They get to understand computers and they always find solutions on the internet. They may change all settings and ensure they access the kind of content they want. To prevent this, keep monitoring their activities on the internet so that they don’t do anything contrary to your demands. This way, they will always know that you are always on the watch and they will view only perfect content.

There are so many ways of promoting safety YouTube Viewing and you need to explore all of them. Besides settings and filter tools, your rules in the house really matter because once you say you don’t want any kind of mature content, kids will fear it like a plague. Always open the internet when you are around so that you monitor what your children are watching. It will be easier because they may compromise settings anytime you are not around. Once they know how to download, you will not be able to prevent them from watching bad content because they will simply download and save into private files.