How To Hide Facebook Friend List On Mobile And Desktop

How to Hide Facebook Friend List

Facebook always displays your friends’ list on your account. Some people take advantage of this display and they start sending friend requests to your friends. You can hide your friends’ list to make sure no one can see your friends list. All they will see is how many mutual friends you share with them. Your friends’ list is your connection so if people start connecting with your friends, they will know you in detail and they will know your character. Below is a simple process how you can hide your friends’ list.

First Log in to Your Account on Mobile

  • Open your mobile apps and select Facebook. If you are not logged in, make sure you put your email or phone and insert your password. Once you are in, you will see your news feed and what your friends have posted online.
  • On your screen’s top right corner, there is a menu icon you need to see. Press that icon and you will be presented with lots of options so that you select what you want to do. Scroll down the options and tap settings. Leave the security option because a lot of people press it and it is not essential on this process.
  • Click on Account settings and you will be taken directly to the privacy button. This is where you will find lots of options regarding who should see your friend’s lists and posts. Click on the option who can see my friends’ list and you then select only me.
  • You are all set and now only you can see the friends’ list. You can even allow Facebook to block some people from seeing your friends list. It does not take a long time, just like 5 minutes and your friends’ list will not be accessible.

On Your Desktop

  • The process is not that hard, it remains the same on most steps but to be concise, below is the process. First, make sure your computer is connected to the active internet. Log in to your Facebook account and ensure you see your news feed. At the top right corner, you will see an arrowhead pointing down.
  • Click it and you will be directed to lots of options but make sure you select settings. Go ahead and click privacy and Tools settings where you will see who can see your friends’ list.
  • Once you are done, you will need to change from public to only me so that only you can see the list of your friends.
  • As you can see the process is not different and it is simple if you have a perfect speed internet. Whether you change on your phone or your computer, your account will be all set and none of your friends will see your friends’ list. Be keen because if you miss a step, you will not be able to make the process successful so make sure do it nicely.

Remember to always improve your profile privacy and security. You wouldn’t like your Facebook account to be for free for everyone. Set your account to who should see your videos and who should no. That way, you will protect your account from the people you don’t want them to see it. Change your passwords on regular basis to make sure no an authorized person get access to your account. That way, it will be we easy for you to operate your account safely. Facebook can tell you whether your password is stronger or weaker so follow the tips and make a wonderful password that will be hard to master.