Google+ FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Google Plus is a Google-owned and operated the social network. The service provides a comprehensive platform to chat, share images, videos and so much more.

Our complete list of FAQs related with Google+ will help you clear your doubts about how to use the social app, what features it offers and how it can help you in your social reach.

Q) What exactly is Google+?

A) This app is a social networking app that basically was launched in competition to Facebook.

Q) What different of Google services did Google+ incorporate when launched?

A) Google Plus was integrated with Circles, Hangouts, Sparks and Huddle platform of Google.

Q) How Google+ aims to be different than other social networking platforms?

A) Google+ carries the slogan “Real-life sharing rethought for the web” that aims to provide a more closer interaction platform than other social media platform.

Q) What features are offered by Google+?

A) You can discover topis and new things as per your interest, connect and interact with like-minded people.

Q) What is the home stream within Google+?

A) The home stream is where you see posts from other people that you can comment, re-share, mute, report or +1.

Q) Is Google+ free to use?

A) Yes, downloading, installing and using Google+ is completely free.

Q) How do I download and install Google+?

A) You can download the app from your mobile device app store or visiting on the web to start using the social network.

Q) How do I create the Google+ account?

A) You can set up your Google+ account using your Google ID or can create a new if you don’t have any.

Q) Can I uninstall Google+ app on my Android device?

A) Some Android device manufacturers allow you to delete the app. If you are not able to uninstall the app, you can disable it.

Q) Can I delete my Google+ account?

A) You can anytime Google+ account whenever you feel leaving the social network.

Q) Will deleting my Google+ account affect my accounts on other Google services?

A) No, deleting Google+ account won’t affect any other Google service you are on, like Gmail and more.

Q) How can I create a Google+ business page?

A) You can create your Google+ business page by visiting:, where you can utilize the various features to set up your specific business page.

Q) Is it helpful to create a Google+ page for my business?

A) As your business might depend a lot on the search ranking factors of Google, having a Google+ page for your business will definitely boost your business’s image and authority on the virtual space.

Q) What are circles on Google+?

A) The circle is a platform where you can add people to share posts or collection so that other people can see them. This feature is specifically developed to help people with same interest connect.

Q) Can I add, edit and delete my comment on a post?

A) You can easily comment on a post, as well as edit and delete that. You can also enable who can comment or not on your Google+ posts by changing settings.

Q) Can I follow or unfollow someone?

A) If you like someone’s posts and want them to show on your home stream, then you can visit the person’s profile and follow them. Similarly, you can also unfollow them if you don’t want to see their posts.

Q) Can I block a person on Google+?

A) Yes, you can easily block someone and then you both will be removed from each other’s circles, won’t see posts, comments or be able to mention in comments and posts.

Q) What is the mute feature in Google+?

A) You can mute a person as well as a post, and will not receive any notification about that post and person in future.

Q) What features are offered by Google+ events?

A) Google+ events help you manage everything about your event easily with features like:

  • Create and manage events
  • Send a message to event guests
  • Add photos and videos of the event
  • View and RSVP to events

Q) How can I download my Google+ data?

A) You can download the Google+ data using Google Takeout tool.