How To Get Blue Verified Badge On Facebook Page

Get Blue Verified Badge on Facebook Page

The Blue Badge is an indication of originality and premium for businesses, celebrities, and entertainment among many other prominent businesses. Most people like duplicating Facebook accounts of prominent people and businesses but with a blue badge, your fans will be able to differentiate between the pseudo and real account. It could be a page, a profile or a business profile, you can still do and just follow this tutorial if you want to know how to do it. Put in mind that not all people can be verified so you need to know the pre-requisites before you claim a blue badge.

Type of People Who Can Be Verified

  • Journalists
  • Popular Business
  • Government Leaders, top officials like presidents, ministers, and elected people
  • Sports companies like FIFA and Football Clubs
  • Top Institutions

These categories get verified quickly compared to other types of categories because they are known to have lots of fans and people need to get feedback from them quickly.

What If Your Page is Not on These Categories?

  • Well, first turn your page into a public figure by going to about then select category then choose public figure option.
  • Once you are done, you need to link your page to your official website. This is nice because you will make your page to have some weight.
  • On your page, you will see different types of sections that require to be filled. Most of these sections ask details about your business or brand so that your fans can easily read and understand your business. Make sure you fill precise information that will showcase all your business dealings to make more people like your business page.
  • You must harvest at least 500 followers before you request for a badge.

The Actual Process

  • First click ‘get verified, proceed to page and profile and then you will see Blue or grey badge verification.
  • You will need to select Report a problem, Proceed to something went wrong. Under where is the problem, select pages.
  • Fill the text box and include all links to your best press articles. Business websites, perfect details of your business, the authorizations and anything you find perfect and substantial to your business, you need to link it to your page.
  • Once you are done, you need to wait for some days to hear back from the support team. The more realistic information you include, the more likelihood of your being verified.

Your Business Page Verification

The above process is meant for personal pages and personal profile verification. For business pages, it is much easier compared to the above.

  • For local business pages, you need to have all approval from your government, perfect photos and local address to ensure Facebook can verify your details.
  • Use your publicly displayed number like the bill number to verify your account for a blue badge.
  • Click settings at the top of your page, proceed to general and the select page verification.
  • Choose verify this page and then get started
  • Enter the public listed phone number and you will be ready to go.
  • Click the call me now option and Facebook will call the number to verify it
  • You will need to input the sent code and you will be ready to go.

Make sure you have enough press because Facebook approves a lot of people and businesses with a strong press. Your details must be accurate for quick verification because without proper information, you will not be considered genuine and you may be rejected. Always make sure you fill all required details as nicely as you can.