How To Download And Install Facebook Messenger For Android?

What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging app, built into the Facebook. Messenger is one the most popular messaging apps globally with over a billion users and rivals WhatsApp to send free messages to your contacts over mobile data or Wi-Fi.

It is a highly popular messaging tool used on the Android devices. While Messenger and Facebook are connected, you don’t necessarily need to be on Facebook to access Messenger. If you have a Facebook account you can login to the Messenger using that, else you can create a separate account for Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Features

Send Text Messages : Send free text messages to your contacts’ Messenger account on the Android platform. All that is required is that you and the receiver are in each other’s contact list. All text messages are free; you are charged only for the mobile data if not using Wi-Fi.

Know Message’s Status : The advanced features of Messenger enable you to know when the message has been delivered and when they’ve seen it.

Make Calls : You can easily make clear sound voice calls and HD video calls through Messenger to have face-to-face conversation with your family, friends and other people across the globe.

Send Photos & Videos : Optimizing the built-in camera of your Android device, Messenger enables you snap photos and make videos which you can send easily to your contacts. You can also send photos and videos saved on your device, along with editing them with drawings, texts and other personalization feature.

Send Location : Let your friends and family know where you are sending your location. You can also suggest a meeting spot sending the location’s map where you intend to meet.

Express With Stickers : Messenger is equipped with a comprehensive range of stickers that matches your mood and allows you to express how you feel or what you want to convey easily. Explore the multiple categories for cute, delightful, weird, silly and more stickers within the application.

Send Voice Message : When you don’t feel typing your message, just send a voice message or a recorded one.

Create Group Chats : Bring your group of friends and family on a same conversation platform creating group chats and adding as many people as you want. Name your group add photos.

Send & Receive Money : Messenger also allows you to send and receive money right through the application by adding your credit card.

How to Download and Install Facebook Messenger on Your Android Device?

Downloading and installing Facebook Messenger on your Android app is easy and fast. You need to follow the instructions listed below:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android device or click on download button below
The app was not found in the store. 🙁
  • Go to the ‘Search’ tab and type ‘Messenger’. The result will show a list of apps.
  • Pick the one developed and listed by ‘Facebook Inc.’, which will be on the top.
  • Click the link and move to the download section of the Messenger.
  • Tap the ‘Install’ button. The application will ask for several permissions that you can comply with full confidence. If you do not feel like not accepting any condition, you can move forward accordingly. For download and install, the app may ask for your Google account password that depends on your privacy and security settings.
  • After the installation, you can open the app from the Messenger Google Store or you can find it on your device’s home screen.
  • Once you access the Messenger, you can log in using your Facebook account. If you don’t have one, you can tap on the ‘Not on Facebook’ button present there on the screen and then create your Messenger account by following the instructions.

Alternatively, you can download and install the Messenger app directly from the button below:

If you want to access the Messenger through your desktop, then you can do that visiting for which you will need to have an existing Facebook account.

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