Facebook Messenger FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Besides Facebook official app, there is an instant messaging app that users can always use to send and receive messages. The Facebook Messenger is a quick and effective way of sending and receiving messages to and from your friends. You can now make video calls even if you don’t have the official Facebook app.

Messenger is an app that even allows you to add stories and create a group with your friends so that you perfectly and easily communicate. Below are some FAQs many people ask themselves.

Q) Do I need to open a New Account for Messenger?

A) No. If you already have a Facebook account, you can use those details to log into your messenger app and you will be ready to use your app.

Q) Does Messenger Allow Video Calls?

A) Yes. You will be able to make video calls without any problem as long as you have a perfect internet connection. You can also make voice calls without a video.

Q) Can I get Facebook Notifications on Messenger?

A) No. The only notifications you get on Facebook Messenger are ones from the messages you receive. Comments, shares, and likes are not shown on Messenger.

Q) Can I Use Facebook Messenger to Post Content on Newsfeed?

A) No. You cannot post content using messenger but you can add a story. You can watch people’s stories and you can also add your story.

Q) Is Messenger Able to Hide My Online Status?

A) No. Every time you are online, the green button will always be displayed. You cannot hide it so people will always know. When you leave a messenger, the minutes or time you have been offline will also be displayed.

Q) Can I Create a Group on Messenger?

A) Yes. You can create a chat group where you will be communicating with your friends at all times. You don’t need to send messages individually.

Q) Is It Possible for Me to Change My Password on Messenger?

A) No. As explained earlier, Facebook is the one that owns messenger so if you need to change your password, you need to change your Facebook account password.

Q) Why Can’t I reply to Messages of Some People?

A) There several causes. You may have blocked those people, you may not have internet or the person may have blocked you.

Q) Can I Log Out of Messenger?

A) Yes, you can log out any time you want. It is just like your Facebook account. Remember Facebook app and messenger work very separately so you may be off on messenger but live on Facebook.

Q) Why Can’t I See My Messages on Messenger?

A) Several factors could cause this. You need to connect to the internet and also ensure you update your app to the latest version.

Q) Why Am I Being Notified to Install Messenger App?

A) Messenger is not only fast but also it saves lots of internet data. You chat quickly as you save data. Messenger makes it easy for you to chat and converse with friends.

Q) Can I Report a Problem on Messenger?

A) Yes, you can, just click home, tap your profile picture and scroll down to report a problem. You will be immediately assisted.

Q) Can I Stop Someone who is Disturbing Me?

A) Yes, you can always block them or mute their chat so that you don’t keep receiving messages from them. Remember you will need to unblock them later if you intend to receive messages from them always.

Q) Does Facebook App Have Ads?

A) Yes, it contains in purchase ads. That means you will only see your ads when you use the app and they don’t even bother you.

Q) Is There Messenger for Business?

A) No. There is no typical business messenger but you can directly chat with businesses. Just select categories then proceed to business and you will be ready to converse.

Q) Can I Close My Messenger Account?

A) You cannot close it unless you terminate your Facebook account. You can simply delete the app and you will not be on messenger.

Q) Are There Emojis on Messenger?

A) Yes, plenty of Emojis that you can use to illustrate your messages and information to your friends. It is truly wonderful because most emojis are like animated characters.

Q) Can I Nickname My Friends?

A) Yes, you can always nickname your friends and you can even add effects to differentiate them.

Q) Can I Change Themes?

A) Yes. You can easily change themes so that you increase the attractiveness of your app. You can always customize your Facebook Messenger.

Q) Can I Be Blocked on Messenger?

A) Yes, if you keep sending messages beyond your required limit, you will be blocked. The moment you get a warning, you need to stop sending messages.