Facebook FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Facebook is known to be a perfect social media platform with over 2 billion users worldwide. It is known to be a perfect platform where you can always interact with friends and exchange a lot of information at all times.

Many people have Facebook accounts because it is an easy way of communicating and connecting with people. Many people have many questions about Facebook and below are some of the FAQs and their answers.

Q) Can You Open two Facebook Accounts?

A) Yes, you can open two or more Facebook accounts as long as you use a different kind of details. You can use emails or phone numbers to open a Facebook account.

Q) Can My Facebook Account Be Hacked?

A) Yes, it can be hacked if you don’t use a lot of details. Make sure you attach your phone number and email so that you always know your account’s activities.

Q) Is It Possible to Have Unlimited Friends on Facebook?

A) No. Facebook allows only a maximum of 5000 friends per account. Once you reach that amount of friends, your friends will need to just follow you on Facebook.

Q) Is Facebook Globally?

A) Yes, it is globally but you will need to search your international friends. Facebook may bring friends located near you or people who schooled with you.

Q) Can I make Calls on Facebook?

A) Yes, you can make both voice calls and video calls. International calls infect.

Q) Is There a Difference Between Messenger and Facebook?

A) Messenger is an instant messaging app that allows you to send messages and calls but you cannot see newsfeed. Facebook can allow you to comment on posts, share and like.

Q) What is Facebook Business?

A) Facebook business is a wonderful type of Facebook that allows you to promote your business. You can do business ads and promote them to increase business exposure and sales.

Q) Can I Market My Business on Facebook?

A) Yes, you can market Business on Facebook for free. Just make sure you build a large audience and great content and you will be able to market your products online.

Q) Can I Change My Password on Facebook?

A) Yes, you can change your password at any time. Just go to settings and choose change password option. You will be called to verify your number before you can change your password.

Q) Can I Create a Page for My Business?

A) Yes, you can create a Facebook page for your business especially if you want plenty of followers. A page will accommodate lots of followers compared to your Facebook account so you need it if you want your business to expand.

Q) Is It a Must I Put My Face as Profile Picture?

A) No. It is not a must but for purposes of easy identification from your friends, you need to put your face picture. People will easily identify you.

Q) Is Cover Photo Real Necessary?

A) Yes, it is necessary because people will look at it and easily understand the message you are communicating to them. It is optional but very significant especially if you are a digital marketer.

Q) Does Facebook have Limited Space?

A) No, you can store as many items as you want but be careful because when your account is hacked, you may lose all documents to the hacker. You can easily retrieve your documents anytime you need them.

Q) Can I Use My Email to Open Multiple Facebook Accounts?

A) No, you can only use one email per account for security purposes. You can only use the same email if you want an account and a page or group.

Q) Can I Create a Facebook Group?

A) Yes, you can open a group and even customize it to your standards. You will be required to invite people and you can even open a secret group.

Q) Can I Market My Facebook Page?

A) Yes, you can market your page and gather more followers than ever before. Create excellent content and ensure you increase your online social media audience.

Q) Can I recover My Account after It Has Been Hacked?

A) Yes, you can recover it but you need to be quick enough before the hacker changes all your details.

Q) Can I Block Some Friends?

A) Yes, you can block your friends whom you don’t want to see your posts. Facebook gives you lots of options to filter who can see your posts.

Q) Can I Hide My Online Status?

A) No, you cannot. The online status is compulsory as long as you are online. Many people normally block people from sending messages then unblock them later.

Q) Can My Account Be Banned?

A) Yes, it can be suspended if you send a lot of friend requests to people that you don’t know and some of your requests get rejected.