How To Enable Facebook Two-Factor Authentication

How to Enable Facebook Two-Factor Authentication

Security issues are on the rise with many people’s accounts being hacked. One of the ways to boost your security is by setting up the two-factor authentication since it beside your password, you will have another security tool to use before you access your password. Unlike password that can be remembered on a computer or device and expose you to plenty of threats, the two-factor authentication will not be remembered by computers there keeping your account safe. Setting a two-factor authentication is not that difficult and below is how you can do it.

To turn on or manage two-factor authentication:

  • Log in to your account and head to the top right corner there is
  • Click that icon and you will see settings icon option were you will need to click it.
  • Once you click on it, proceed to the Login settings and choose two-factor authentication.
  • Click Edit and then choose the authentication features that you would like to use.
  • Click enable once you are done setting your two-factor authentication method.
  • Keep it active and make sure you expose neither your password nor your pin to people you don’t trust or to anyone.

Types of Two-Factor Authentication Methods

  • You can use codes of text messages from your phone or you can use login codes from a third party authentication app.
  • It is a MUST that you have one of these set up if you want to use the two-factor authentication method. Facebook will use these setups to create a wonderful verification process when you log into a computer.
  • Facebook can also approve a login attempt from a device it recognizes, it can use of your recovery codes and on a compatible device, it can tap one of your security keys. It is truly an advanced security mechanism.

Always Save Your Devices for Easy Remembrance

Always make sure you save the device you are using before you enable the two-factor authentication. It will be easy for you to Facebook to authorize your Login without lots of verification processes. For public computers, don’t click on the remember device because anyone can get access to your account and you may be breached. Always know your devices and save on Facebook so that it remembers all your devices perfectly without any problem. Take your time and make the best codes if you want the best outcomes from the security update at all times.

Save Your Browser Details

You should also save your browser to ensure Facebook recognizes it so that you don’t need to enter your passwords every now and then. If you use a private browser that will be better because your set up two-factor authentication will be save for easy access to your account. Put in Mind that when you clear history on your browser, you may encounter some problems because you will need to re-enter your codes. You can clear all your browser history and spare the Facebook history so that you enable Facebook to remember your log in details at all times.

Two-factor authentication is a nice way of securing your Facebook account. To increase your safety, make sure you always change your passwords and codes. Hackers will find it hard to master your passwords and they will be forced to leave your account alone. Many Facebook accounts are hacked due to lack of strong passwords and codes. Make your password to be as complicated as possible. Once a person gets access to your Facebook account, he might as well get access to your related email. You will be notified via emails if anyone attempts to log in into your account.