How To Download Media From Instagram On Android?

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an application that was started eight years and is currently owned by Facebook where people mainly share photos and videos with their followers or with a selected group of friends. The photos and videos created can also be shared across other platforms like facebook and twitter. People can also initiate a chat with each other on Instagram by tapping the plus button at the top right corner where they have presented with options of either sharing a direct message, photo or video with each other.

How To Download Photos And Videos And Status From Instagram?

Download of photos and videos is not usually permitted directly from the app, but in this guide, I will take you through various ways on how you can download photos and videos from Instagram :

1-  Instagram plus

Instagram plus is another version of Instagram with a few additional features like :

  • The feature of Zooming a picture by just double tapping it.
  • Move around a photo by sliding your fingers across your phone screen.
  • Turn on the sound of videos by default which enables a video to start playing sound as soon as you see it.
  • You can also download any photo or video to your device by simply selecting the option.

Instagram plus is simply an enhanced version of the Instagram app with several added features that lack in the original Instagram app, one of which allows you to direct any photo or video that has been shared on Instagram directly to your device.

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2- Oginsta
As seen above, Instagram has a lot of features, but it lacks some functionality that is key to some if not most of the users.

OgInsta is another modded version of Instagram that incorporates even more features that lack in the original app.

The OgInsta app is available for Android users but not iPhone users. Some of its features include :

  • Photo and story download where you can download one photo or video at a time from Instagram.
  • Follow indicator which allows one to know if their followers are following back and keep track of their followers.
  • Zoom in feature which enables an individual to zoom in and out on any image.

The features of OgInsta and Instagram plus are pretty much the same except for the fact that Instagram plus only works if the original Instagram app is uninstalled from your phone while OgInsta can work even with the original Instagram app is still installed on your phone.

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3- GBInsta

GBinsta is an updated version of the OGinsta that boasts added features making it one of the best mods of the original app out there. Its features include :

  • Customization which enables you to customize your app according to your taste and style.
  • Themes which allows you to change themes as you want
  • Copy comments which enable you to copy other people’s comments
  • Translate comments which allows you to read comments written in other languages
  • Zoom for photos
  • Download videos and pictures without rooting your device
  • Dual Instagram which enables GBInsta to run along the original Instagram app
  • Updates which lead to extra features every time.

Conclusion :
To download a video or photo from Instagram, one needs to have one of these mods which have the download features that will allow them to download photos and videos to their devices. To install either Instagram plus or OgInsta one must have a rooted device, unlike GBInsta which is compatible with either a rooted device or un-rooted device. It is better to download GBInsta due to its added features and regular updates which make it easier to use and more compatible with the original Instagram app.

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