How To Permanently Delete Your Twitter Account ?

Twitter is one of the most widely and frequently used social media platform. It boasts a huge number of users around the planet. Despite its popularity, Twitter can be very irritating at times. For various specific reason like people making pointless arguments, some are busy making unwanted remarks while others are just busy posting completely irrelevant material, it may take a toll, and you decide enough is enough, so you decide to delete twitter permanently and just have a calm, quiet social media experience.

Am I On The Right Track?

You may ask yourself numerous questions before deleting twitter like, is this the right decision? Am I making a mistake? What if I end up needing my account again? Will I miss some of the funniest moments? And due to this Twitter gives you 30 days to be sure you want to proceed with your decision.

4 Things You Should Know About Twitter Deletion And Deactivation

Before I give you golden steps of deleting your twitter account, let me stress something :

  1. You cannot use your Twitter mobile application to delete the account; you will need to do it the old fashion way, use the website on a computer or mobile browser on desktop mode.
  2. Deactivation and deletion of a twitter account are two different things, so make sure which step you want to take before you proceed. Even with deactivation, your data will remain intact for 30 days before it starts the account and its data. It is noted by twitter that this is a week process.
  3. People may still see your tweets after deactivation for an additional few days. Your tweets may also pop up on a search result.
  4. So the main highlight here is that this process takes some time, it doesn’t just happen in a matter of seconds.

How To Permanently Delete Your Twitter Account In 4 Easy Stages?

  1. Login into your twitter account.
  2. Here is a Direct Link or instead you can find it when you drop down the menu at the top of each page.
  3. On the settings page, scroll down right until the very bottom where you will find Deactivate My Account.
  4. As much as Twitter keeps the print that comes along short people tend to ignore it and go straight ahead to the button Deactivate<username>.

Accidental or Not?

So that twitter makes sure that you are not accidentally deactivating your account, they will ask you for your password before deactivating. So just enter the correct password and press the Deactivate account button.

This will log you out of the account and place the account to a deletion queue. This takes 30 days just in case you all of a sudden decide it is not a rational thing to do.

When the 30 days period elapses, your account will be no more, and the process is irreversible so be entirely sure it is a step you are willing to take.
During the 30 days period, you might have a change of heart and decide you want to have your account back, and note, only during the 30 days period not after. Simply go back and log in to your twitter account and this will reactivate it.

The Twitter Holiday

It has been noted that some people tend to go for twitter holidays by deactivating their accounts and on the 29th day they log back in just for some time then redo it again. But then be careful in case you lose a count of days you might regret doing so.


That is the step by step procedure on how to do away with a twitter account. Deleting your account may be the appropriate step in making some naughty tweets vanish, remarks that you tweeted while you were tipsy. But like they said “Nothing on the internet ever disappears. There is always someone somewhere taking screenshots of the tweets, and you will be surprised when they resurface.
It is also important to be grateful that Twitter is trying to make the process of account deletion as easy as possible.

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