How To Customize WhatsApp Interface And Applying Themes

What is GB WhatsApp?

Chances are that you have used WhatsApp and have heard about or might have used GB WhatsApp. If not, then let me tell that GB WhatsApp is one of the modified versions of the WhatsApp. This modified version is not developed and presented by official WhatsApp developers but by individual developers, leveraging the functionality offered by the open-source platform to add features and functionalities in the mod version that are not possible with the official version.

GB WhatsApp is, no doubt, the most popular and prevalent mod versions of WhatsApp and provides a wide range of features and added comfort to the users to customize their GB WhatsApp account, do much more with this messaging app.

Features of GB WhatsApp

Some of the advanced and innovative features of GBWhatsApp include:

  • Use dual WhatsApp accounts, a GB WhatsApp and an official WhatsApp
  • Multiple language support
  • Send more than 10 images at once from your gallery to any contact or group.
  • Send videos up to 50 MB.
  • A wide range of new emojis.
  • Be online 24 hours (always online feature).
  • Set WhatsApp group name up to 35 characters.
  • Setup your privacy features such as last seen, double ticks, blue ticks, hide typing and much more.
  • Keep your personal chats in privacy.
  • Copy your status as well as other people’s status to the clipboard.
  • Copy status to clipboard.
  • Apply multiple types of themes to customize how you want to your GB WhatsApp account.
  • And many more features.

With so many features it is hard to avoid using GB WhatsApp. One of the most important and highly interesting features of GB WhatsApp is applying themes for customization.

Here, in this tutorial, we are going to discuss how you can apply themes to your GB WhatsApp.

How to Download and Apply Themes for Customization in GB WhatsApp?

Want to give a new look to your GB WhatsApp interface? Make use of a comprehensive range of GB WhatsApp themes to give your messaging app a completely fresh and new look and feel. Follow the given steps below to proceed:

  1. You will not find GB WhatsApp on Google Play Store, so download the latest version APK file from the link given below:
  2. Install it like you do any other application.
  3. Go to the device’s home screen where you will find the GB WhatsApp icon. Tap on it to launch.
  4. Enter your contact details, verify it through OTP, then enter your name and pick DP to complete the account set-up.
  5. Now in the interface, go to the top right corner, and click on the menu icon.
  6. Click on GB Settings, then > Download themes.
  7. Now from the given list, pick the theme you want to use for your GB WhatsApp account and click on APPLY.
  8. After the theme is applied, the app will prompt you to restart the application to effect the changes. Click on ‘OK’.
  9. Now, upon restarting the app, you will see the change in the theme, the look, and feel of your GB WhatsApp account.

This way you can easily apply themes to customize your GB WhatsApp. What about deleting a theme? Let’s go to that tutorial as well below.

How to Delete a Theme in GB WhatsApp?

  1. Open the GB WhatsApp application.
  2. Go to the top right corner, click on menu icon and then select GB Settings.
  3. Under the ‘Themes’ option, click on ‘More’.
  4. Then select the option ‘Clear’. This will remove all the themes applied to your GB WhatsApp account.

Here you go. This tutorial will easily help you to apply a theme, and then delete it when you want, and apply another theme according to your preference.