How To Clean Search And Views History From YouTube

How to Clear Search & Views History from YouTube on Mobile and Desktop

Whenever you watch video content online, Google normally saves your search history. This happens especially if you have a Google account that is linked to your email address. Why should search history be saved? YouTube uses this search history to recommend videos for you, remind you to watch videos you watched on the past or even bring suggestions of the video you need to watch. It also uses this history to determine the kind of adverts to put on the videos. Now, how do you clear your YouTube video watch history?

If You Have Not Watched Videos Before

If you have not watched videos on YouTube before and would like to start watching, there is an Incognito Mode on your android YouTube app that enables you to restrict YouTube from recording your search history. This mode will prevent YouTube from taking history on all your entire videos that you don’t want to appear on your search history. If you already watched videos and you want to clear your search history, below is how you can delete your search history. It is nice if you clear your history immediately after you are done watching to avoid overload of history links.

Delete Video Links from History One By One

Just head straight to your browser and type YouTube. On the You YouTube Homepage, you will see a menu section and once you click it, you will see history written on it. You can click the name history and you will be shown all the video links and activities that you did like commenting, pausing and even downloading. In front of every search history, you will see an ‘X’ option and once you click on this, you will delete the history from your search.

Delete Your History on Your Android App

Head to the Library icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the app. Once you are done, you will be able to see the menu button on every video you have watched. Tap the menu button and then you will need to remove from history. You can even add to playlist, watch it again or even watch similar videos. Move step by step because you might even miss some of the most important details. You can decide to delete all history at once rather than just deleting one by one.

Deleting all your search history will make YouTube recommend some of the worst videos you don’t like. If you don’t want history to be recorded, always use Incognito mode so that you don’t remain with any search history. This mode is only on Android app so you may not find it on Windows or iOS app.

Pause Your Watch History

If you are using another type phone apart from Android, you will not be able to use incognito mode. You can, however, use the Pause Watch History option and this is an account wide intervention that will prevent YouTube from remembering all the videos you watched on iPad, phone or computer. Visit YouTube’s website and click the “History” you will be directed to the Pause history option.

Clearing search history is important because at times you watch videos that to some people it may be bad manners. It is also important for your privacy since you wouldn’t like people to know what kind of videos you like watching because the content you watch is always linked to your personality. Always clear your search history immediately you are done watching because you never know who may get access to your phone.