Video Players You Need To Have On Your Android Device

What Video Players You Need to Have on Your Android Device

Watching videos and movies on a mobile phone has become easy due to availability of many video players. Digital revolution has brought forth a wide array of excellent media players that you can download and install on your android phone for you to watch your videos easily.

Below are some of the most important apps you need to install for you to get wonderful viewing tools.

1- VLC Media Player

It was first built as a PC video media player. Later on, it was further developed and made to fit into Android devices. Right now you can stream full HD videos on your phone. It is easy to install because you just Google the word VLC and choose the appropriate version for your android device. It is important that you choose the latest VLC version so that it doesn’t keep on crushing or hanging. VLC is a very simple media player that enables you to play videos without any problem.

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2- BSPlayer

This is a competent video player that was originally designed for PC and computers. The media player can smoothly play video and audio files to the satisfaction of the user. To give the capability of watching videos without any problem, it comes with various formats like DivX, MP4, MPG, AVI, MKV, 3GP, and many more others. Get your videos in full HD so that you enjoy the best outcomes.

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3- RockPlayer 2

RockPlayer 2 is a premium video viewing app that has the best video streaming capability. It uses the phone processor to bring about video playback capabilities making you have perfect graphics enhancement. You don’t have to always adjust setting because the app analyzes videos and plays them in a perfect way possible to ensure you increase your enjoyment. It also comes with file management systems and Wi-Fi functionality to enable you to enjoy more than you would enjoy from other devices.

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4- MX Player

If you would like to enjoy a perfect and simple video play, MX player is an appropriate choice for you. It comes in various versions including the Windows, iOS and Android version. You can easily control the way you would like your videos to play and you will always enjoy a perfect video stream. It supports multicore decoding and you can play videos in wide variety of formats so that you don’t get limited on what kind of videos you need to play. If you want subtitles, you can easily use SSA, SRT, VoBSub, and SMI because they are compatible with the media player.

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5- RealPlayer

One of the best media player software that is known to play outstanding HD videos. You will have the capability of playing videos from many types of video formats. MP4, MOV, Avi, MKV, MTP, FLV, 3GP and WMV and many other types of formats can be played to make sure you enjoy the best entertainment levels at all times. It’s a perfect media player you can easily install and it is free of charge.

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6- GPlayer

The GPlayer is one of the most wonderful media players designed to fit in Windows, Android and iOS devices to make sure you enjoy wonderful video play and streaming. You can open multiple windows and you can be sure to enjoy HD high-quality video streaming at all times. MP3 songs can also be played using this kind of media player and it produces excellent sound quality.

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To conclude, there are many android media player but these ones are the best of the list. You just need to visit their official website and download the best versions to play your videos and music.