10 Netflix Tips To Improve Your Watching Experience

Do you love watching movies and TV shows and are amongst the new-age generations that follow only streaming services. Then you would have probably heard of Netflix.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an over-the-top media service provider or a video streaming service that provides multiple genres and type viewing content, including movie, TV shows and documentaries. Users can access the Netflix on a range of internet-connected devices such as PC, Mac, smart TV, mobile, tablet, game console and more, worldwide. It is a premium, subscription-based service that currently offers a one-month free trial. As per the viewing interest and preference, users can subscribe from a range of different packages to suit their needs.

Streaming Netflix

While streaming Netflix is an easy process, as it provides user-friendly website and application, there are always ways that you can optimize to make your viewing experience more enhanced. There are several tips which you can follow to tweak how you use and stream Netflix to make your viewing experience altered and according to your interests.

10 Tips to Improve Your Netflix Viewing Experience

  1. Download to View Offline

May you have time only in the evening or any other particular time to view your favorite show or a movie. And instead of facing any issue of internet connectivity, you want uninterrupted viewing. Netflix provides the option to download and view a video offline. You just need to click the title of the video, and if the option is available click on the download icon. Then move to the top left and tap on the menu, and select ‘Available to Download’.

  1. Explore the Most Popular Videos of the Last 24 Hours

Lost for the option on what to view? Maybe you can benefit from this option. Go to the Netflix database to access the Instant Watcher feature and check the most popular TV shows and movies of the last 24 hours.

  1. Pick Your Genre of Interest

Maybe you love to see comedy specific movie or shows or are a fan of drama or action thrillers. By typing this URL on a browser http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/INSERTNUMBER with a specific code for the genre you are interested in, you can find everything related to that available on Netflix.

  1. Change Quality of Your Video Playback

If you are low on internet data then you can make sure that Netflix doesn’t consume much when you are streaming. Although it will compromise with the quality of the video but will save data consumption. Visit the Playback settings on your device and choose the preferred option.

  1. Change How Subtitle Appear on Screen

Maybe the font or the size of the subtitles is interrupting a smooth flow of your watch. Now, you can set the font and size of the subtitles, along with color, shadow appearance as well as background to fit your preference. Do this by going to your account and move to Subtitle appearance option.

  1. Learn How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts

You must have grown up utilizing keyboard shortcuts on video players like VLC and more. Netflix also provides this facility right in the portal when viewing the streaming service on your desktop or laptop. You can look for the Netflix keyboard shortcuts in the manual and other available guides.

  1. See the Trailer of the Show or Movie Before Watching That

If you have come across a movie or show that you want to watch but also want to get a glimpse of its synopsis first then a trailer is the perfect option to get your answer. Add Netflix Enhancer extension on your Chrome browser when viewing on a laptop or desktop. As soon as you hover the cursor over the video, it helps you to access the trailer as well as the current rating from IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

  1. Limit Mobile Data Consumption

When watching a movie or TV show on Netflix on your mobile, you may be worried about data consumption. Go to Netflix app settings and change the cellular data setting to fit your need and decrease the data usage.

  1. Request for Your Preferred TV Show / Movie

While there is no dearth of interesting content to watch on Netflix, sometimes you might be in the mood for viewing something particular but won’t find in the list. You can place a special request for that with Netflix by visiting the page ‘Request TV Shows or Movies’.

  1. Watch the Same Show with Your Partner or a Friend from Different Locations

Watching a show with your partner or a friend who has the same interest and excitement is a great feeling and brings loads of joy. What if that person is in a different city or country and that show’s episode is about to begin. You can still watch the show together optimizing a Chrome extension, Netflix Party. It provides remote and simultaneous viewing possible, even syncing the playback, along with offering you a group chat feature so you can discuss the events.

Netflix has become the favorite of people to follow and catch on a number of movies and TV shows. These tips will certainly enhance your viewing experience and let you enjoy more and have fun with Netflix streaming.